Dishonest Things Restaurants Do To Save Money & Make More Profit!

Dishonest Things Restaurants do to Save Money & Make More Profit!

One might think twice about going out to eat – after reading this~ Morgan Cutolo

**** Pre-prepare foods – NOT FRESH! ‘GROWING BACTERIA’ only to be Destroyed in Cooking! Timing is everything in the restaurant world. If customers have to wait forever for their food they probably won’t come back. When the dinner rush arrives chefs need to get food out to their customers in a timely manner. Some restaurants will cook food ahead of time & then heat it up. If a customer orders something that has been pre-cooked, someone will just throw it in the microwave, dress it up a little, and serve it.

All the while

THE FOOD IS GROWING “LIVE” BACTERIA TO BE DESTROYED IN COOKING ‘NOT FRESH’ with (Live & Dead) Bacteria (no longer BIOAVAILABLE) & they remain on the surface of the food – The Body a ‘closed system’ Not all goes out in waste – only option to be STORED IN THE BODY in ‘CURIOUS STORAGE PLACES’ – Skin, Brain, Joints, Blood vessels, Lungs…

  1.  Not wearing gloves or (changing often) or “washing hands properly”- What is the right way to wash your hands?
  • Wet your hands with clean, running water (warm or cold), turn off the tap, and apply soap -Lather your hands by rubbing them together with the soap – Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds – Rinse your hands well under clean, running water – “DRY THOROUGHLY” to remove the water droplets – that may Live & Dead Bacteria…Wash Your Hands | Features | CDC

Many restaurant workers don’t bother wearing gloves (or change them often) while handling food. A study done by Food Safety News found that 62 percent of restaurant workers handling RAW beef – didn’t wash their hands before touching other food!

**** Serving GMO, ‘Heat-Altered’ Processed GMO Refined over-milled (Removing ‘Plant’ protein & fiber – which INCREASES ‘Disease-Causing’ Refined Carbs!

& Excess (often) Expired foods…

ALL is hidden from the UNAWARE consumer driven by ‘TASTE ONLY’ – Americans seem to have ‘ACQUIRED a TASTE’ for (GMO, Unclean, Magnified Glutens & Lectins not cleaned but ground into the foodMaking it Disease-Causing (skipping the SOAKING & RINSING step) – ‘Dead Bacteria’ Included!

Heat-ALTERED ROASTED NUTS – Destroys the Omega changing CNS & Prefrontal brain food to BODY ONLY & CAUSES SERIOUS allergies!

Non-Dairy Soy on the menu? Most likely GMO (Franken-Soy) INQUIRE!

  • GMO Corn Oil, GMO Soy, GMO Over-Milled WHEAT – Becoming omega-6 fatty acids or Body food only!
  • Not longer bioavailable becomes INFLAMMATION
  • Fried or Grilled Food – Fried Food (Heat-Altering) – becomes ‘Motor-like” oil!
  • Fast Food, and Processed Foods – Cheap, tasty & DEADLY! (Highly GMO)
  • Process Salt – Mostly NaCl – without minerals, macronutrients, etc. (to Iodize – add Kelp granules
  • Processed Sugar – Mostly C-12 H-22 0-11 without minerals, macronutrients, etc.
  • Day Beer (low alcohol)

In the Kitchen with Arthritis: Foods to Avoid – Arthritis-health

  • All Processed foods. Avoid processed foods such as BAKED GOODS (UNLESS Ancient Grains) & PREPACKAGED MEALS & SNACKS – Mostly GMO, Over-Milled, Heat altered & INFLAMMATORY ~ Joints inflamed ~


CAFO-GMO Animal Protein

  • Red Meat and Dairy. They’re our main sources for saturated fats, which can cause INFLAMMATORY in fat tissue -‘PASTURED MEAT’ & Raw Dairy (Not fed GMO) – Brain & CNS Healthy!
  • Fed GMO Franken Grains! (Alfalfa, Soy, Wheat & Corn) –
  • Creating ‘Tasty’- but ‘Synthetic’ Foods 
  • Trucked to Market (Cortisol Factory) -SOAKING ‘muscle tissue’ & ‘Laid to Rest’ in the Meat & Dairy cases (Wet-Not Dry) ‘Growing Bacteria’ – only to be “destroyed” in cooking which makes them – No longer ‘BIOAVAILABLE’ (Cancer & disease-dysfunction-causing substates).
  • REFINED GRAINS – The Body sees as REFINED GRAINS as ‘SUGAR’  – All purpose-LESS GMO Wheat flour (only 2 grams of Plant protein)...
  • Red meat, chicken, farmed Atlantic Salmon all fed with GMO, may not be properly cleaned (koshered) –
  • Stressed to market, Fed GMO Alfalfa & Growing Bacteria in the meat case)
  • & fried foods in “motor-like” oil (Instead of Virgin Coconut Oil or PASTURED Lard or Tallow)
  • PASTEURIZED Cheese and high-fat CAFO-GMO dairy with a load of Dead Bacteria & fed GMO (All ALLERGY CAUSING) ~

** CAFO-GMO ‘Heat Altered’ Meat & Dairy 

3 STRIKES AGAINST! (Alternative milks have little or no Plant Protein- best to soak & rinse – Use a Smoothie Blender or avoid buying expensive ‘Protein Light’ watered down for profit (Disease-Causing) water!

  1. Contain ‘Dead Bacteria’ from Pasteurization
  2. Fed GMO Alfalfa, Soy or Corn – Research is showing forms Alzheimer’s Plaques in brain!
  3. Cortisol from inhumane stressful farming conditions.

Pasteurized Milk Goes Putrid – Raw Milk is Still a Highly Useful & HEALTHY FAT for the CNS & Brain!

  • MOST oils in restaurants are GMO Vegetable, canola & olive (not 1st pressed) Motor-like oils – OMEGA 6 – INFLAMMATORY!
  • Find a local farmer for PASTURED or Wild ANIMALS & CHICKENS (EGGS) NOT FED WITH GMO Corn, Soy OR GMO Alfalfa.

Throwing out unused food is a huge waste of money. Sometimes it’s easier for restaurant managers to just serve food that is past its expiration date as long as it still looks edible. This is what restaurant health inspectors wish you knew.

**** Don’t store food properly – Meat, poultry, seafood & dairy aren’t always stored at the proper temperature

& not CLEANED PROPERLY – (not Koshered with Salt, Rinsed, Scalded with boiling water, Rinsed & Patted dry – (to remove bacteria remain in the water droplets)

Freezers might malfunction or food could be left sitting out for too long. It’s expensive to throw it away, so sometimes restaurants will still serve it and hope that no one gets sick.

** Combine ketchup bottles

& Serving on GMO French Fries – Fried in “motor-like” oil!

In some areas, it’s not against the health code to marry ketchup bottles, and in areas where it isn’t allowed, the rule is rarely enforced. Think about how many people use those ketchup bottles on a daily basis. They’re not very clean and sometimes the process that some restaurants use to transfer the condiment can be unsanitary.

**** Not washing the linens

People are pretty messy when they eat, so washing the tablecloths every single time someone got a stain on them would really add up. Most of the time, many restaurants will just wipe them down or spot clean them.

*** Sick Food Handlers & other workers

*** Roaches & other bugs – controlled by chemical spraying! Not Boric Acid!

The sad truth is that employees in the restaurant industry are underpaid. That said, many of them can’t afford to miss a shift and will still come in even if they’re sick. If they don’t have the option to call out, all of the sick germs can easily be spread to the food you eat.

**** Not washing dishes….Having the dishwasher running all day is very costly. Although rare, some restaurants simply give their dishes a quick rinse with some hot water if they’re in a pinch for more plates.

**** Reusing snacks…Some restaurants or bars put out a bowl of pretzels or peanuts to snack on. They typically come from a much larger container that’s stored in the kitchen and at the end of the night, the leftovers are sometimes just thrown right back in. Beware that you might not be the first to have touched those snacks.


Read More:

While some scientists (Franken) & Monsanto claim GMO are NOT HARMFUL TO HUMAN HEALTH…Others say:

Modifying the genetic material in plants has certain risks.

While the “YIELD is MAGNIFIED’ “To Feed the World”- -At the Same Time…Causing ‘Gluten Insensitivity,’ Celiac Disease, IBS, etc.

The “Naturally Occurring’“ VITAL” Gluten (Necessary seed lock) in the ‘non-GMO” Vegetables ALSO MAGNIFIED the (Necessary for survival) “LECTINS” Evolution Adaptation in the plant to “taste bitter to predators”- Become “ALSO MAGNIFIED”… (Non-Bioavailable – Obesity)

Lectins defined: are a class of proteins, chiefly of plant origin, which bind specifically to certain sugars and so cause agglutination of particular cell types.…

TO A LEVEL to an extraordinarily acute level – TOO HIGH to be considered “SAFE” FOR HUMAN (or the animals we eat) CONSUMPTION”…

They become “FRANKEN-FOODS” NonBioavailable – only can be stored in fat cells, skin (allergies) or other organs…

The result is Diabetes, Obesity, Lack of Impulse Control & a Dull Prefrontal mind? Prefrontal Brain “STARVED” – when Foods are GMO or Heat Altered or Plant Protein & Fiber is over-milled or Diluted in Plant-based Milks!

Read the Label on the back for ‘protein‘ – If 4 grams or less – it becomes ‘Disease-Causing’ & but MORE PROFITS FOR THE VENDORS!


CAFO-GMO Animal Protein

  • Red Meat and Dairy. They’re our main sources for saturated fats, which can cause INFLAMMATORY in fat tissue – ‘PASTURED MEAT’ & Raw Dairy (Not fed GMO) – Brain & CNS Healthy!
  • Fed GMO Franken Grains! (Alfalfa, Soy, Wheat & Corn) – Creating “Tasty”- but “Synthetic” Foods …
  • Trucked to Market (Cortisol Factory) -SOAKING ‘muscle tissue’ & ‘Laid to Rest’ in the Meat & Dairy cases (Wet-Not Dry) “Growing Bacteria”- only to be “destroyed” in cooking which makes them – No longer ‘BIOAVAILABLE’ (Cancer & disease-dysfunction-causing substates).

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