Fast Food Can be Cheap – Inexpensive- ‘Get What You Pay For’ – Nursing Home!

Fast food can be CHEAP  & a regular diet of it is less healthy CHOOSING ANCIENT GRAINS (Non- GMO)(Soaked & Not Over-Milled -removing the Plant protein)! 

This is because in order to cut costs, fast food restaurants use the least expensive (Modern GMO) ingredients they can buy. …

Lazy eating is expensive. Not knowing how to cook &  not caring or being informed about the Dangers of GMO – IT IS NOT SAFE!

But is abundantly CHEAP – CHEATING US OF HEALTH!!

Thinking you need to have a large portion of CAFO-GMO red ‘MUSCLE’ meat at every meal is expensive & not helpful to the Brain & CNS!. Where ‘PASTURE-FED’ IS MORE EXPENSIVE &  NON-GMO FED Chicken Eggs are $6 dollars a dozen – Cheap to Prevent Alzheimers  Medicare!

There are all kinds of tasty meals that you can make at home with very little effort, centered around whole Ancient (soaked) grains and produce, with Pastured meat – Bone-In added as a flavoring & neural & connective tissue!!, rather than building the entire meal around 6 to 8 ounces of MUSCLE meat (For Athletes & Laborers@! instead of Desk Jockeys!!

If you’re concerned about protein…

PLANT PROTEIN (FOR CNS & BRAIN) from beans, Raw – not roasted seeds. Raw nuts not roasted seeds  & Non GMO fed eggs and ‘Pastured’ dairy (NOT MODERN GMO FED) and dark green vegetables.

Fast food can be CHEAP – inexpensive and a regular diet of it is less healthy than CREATING AN AWARENESS OF PLANT & SEAFOOD (not farmed) PROTEIN!

This is because in order to ‘cut costs’, fast food restaurants use the least expensive GMO OR HIGHLY REFINED ‘DISEASE-CAUSING’ (REMOVING THE PROTEIN) ingredients they can buy. 

They encourage you to “supersize” your meal so you will fill up on sugar water, potatoes & CAFO-GMO  2 gram of ‘disease-causing’ bread –

FAST TRACK TO THE ‘NURSING  HOME’ – Instead of giving you a better choice of “PASTURED’ meat or Quinoa, Oats, Farro, etc.

It seems cheap and easy, but for what your getting, you could spend the same amount in the deli and produce aisles of your supermarket and make three decent meals- by carefully selecting Ancient Grains, Pastured Meat & Raw Dairy-

Avoid all American Cheese & DAIRY OF ANY FLAVOR!! It is Putrid! with Dead bacteria, GMO Fed animals & cortisol from the CAFO-GMO Industrial farmed Death camps!

Until GMO is BANNED! FIND EUROPEAN (NON-GMO) CHEESE & hopefull ‘raw’ – Not pasteurized!  Beneficial Bacteria – still intact!!!




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