You Will Thank Me When You Retire at the Beach – Not the Nursing Home!

Survival tips on how to survive the FAMINE os CAFO-GMO Synthetic foods

American Cheese (pasteurized) contains ‘unseen’ mold!

Avoid CAFO-GMO Meat & Modern Dairy & All  Soy (GMO), Corn (GMO) &  ModernAlfalfa (fed to the animals we eat!

America is Ripe for Revolution! The Hunt for ‘Red October’-  by facebookcomdeehinkle2


‘Energy-sapping’ -Energy used for storage of already DEAD substrates, No longer Bioavailable 0ver-processed Synthetic Foods – (For Shelf Life)

The Forgotten Protein – Plant Protein

Disease-Causing CAFO-GMO UNCLEAN Processing! to support the CNS & Prefrontal Brain (the Thinking Brain!)

Only – Unaltered whole Ancient Grains (soaked-not ROASTED) & Seafood Protein (Not farmed & fed GMO!!

** Ban GMO – It is Not SAFE!

** While it Magnifies the food (‘the Good Reason’-To Feed the world!)

No longer a CASE FOR GMO – All other countries in the World have banned USA GMO grains & MOST REFUSE TO ACCEPT GRAINS FROM USA – EVEN THOSE IN FAMINE!


**ALSO MAGNIFIES are the (‘Seed Lock’ in each ‘magnifies Kernel)- Celiac disease rampant!!

**Also Magnifies are the Lectins in the Peel- Bitter to ‘ward off Predators’ (Obesity)!!

These ‘Naturally occurring ‘non-nutrients” – Easily removed by SOAKING (with medium-salt or apple cider vinegar-retards microbial growth) & RINSING AWAY before cooking!

** CAFO-GMO ‘processing’ SKIPS this vital step & the Disease-Causing-non-nutrients (but essential to the plant) are ‘Ground into the flour’ –  (Whole Wheat (UNCLEAN) & Over-Milled (removing the Plant Protein)

** and ‘Heat Altered’ ** CAFO-GMO Meat & Dairy

(3 STRIKES against Modern Dairy – (Pasture Raised-BRAIN HEALTHY): 

1. Contain ‘Dead Bacteria’ from Pasteurization,

2. Fed GMO Alfalfa, Soy or Corn – CHEAP FEED!

(Research is showing forms Alzheimer’s Plaques in brain)!

3. Cortisol from inhumane stressful farming conditions.

CAFO-GMO Dairy (Allergy & Alzheimers-causing)

Health conscious are trying to run from Modern Dairy (CHEESE) Ice cream, butter, yogurt, sour cream, etc.)

& are Running to find Alternative milks– (grain, nut & seed)

HOWEVER the Plant protein (in the form of soaked, rinsed & cooked Ancient grains or soaked raw nuts) is NOW BEING DILUTED to less than 2 grams of plant protein – WHEN IT SHOULD BE 8 grams of plant protein.  (Better to buy whole grains, cook & blend!) 


** Ban Roasting-of Raw Nuts, Seeds & Ancient Grains – They are processed into Allergy Causing & Omega 3 changes to INFLAMMATORY) – Omega 6 (Dead ‘Body only’ food)


BUT ‘SOAKING’ & RINSING – makes ‘CLEAN’ by removing the seed lock & lectins. Allergy Free!

** Ban Over-Milled Ancient Grains (Unaltered source of Plant Protein)-

** Cheap (HIGH PROFIT)] –

Fast ‘Over-Processed ‘DISEASE-CAUSING’ Convenience’ foods

** We can do better WITH Prevention & Reversing DISEASE (& HOMELESSNESS) armed with SCIENCE & COMPASSION!

Instead of ‘KICKING-THE-HOMELESS’ Can–‘Down-the-Road!’


** (CAFO Will Implode) & Global Warming will drastically slow -Global greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector totaled 4.7 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO₂) equivalent, up 13 percent over 1990 – When Genetic Modified was allowed in the US.

CAFO-GMO Agriculture is the third largest contributor to global emissions by sector, following the burning of fossil fuels for power and heat, and transportation.

“Activated Charcoal” is known for its ability to BIND to certain POISONS – ‘Free Radicals’ – From both (healthy or unhealthy) foods eaten in EXCESS – From heavy metals & other environmental & other toxins & FLUSH THEM FROM THE BODY…

It is “THIS QUALITY” that makes it a “wonder substance”- For acute and general detoxification -The Body is a closed system & knows how to be “VERY CREATIVE IN FINDING “STORAGE PLACES”-

Especially…When there is “No Room Left at the Inn” – THE BIBLE WARNED about Gluttony…

All EXCESS of both – NATURAL As well as“man-made” (CAFO-GMO, OVER Heated or Milled) can “sap your energy” & contribute to everything from brain fog to digestive issues. 

Chronic exposure to FREE RADICALS-(toxins) produces – Cellular damage, Allergic reactions, Compromised immunity & Rapid aging. 

Regular use of Activated Charcoal can REMOVE Unwanted FREE RADICALS & toxins from the body…

Leaving MORE ENERGY – Often in minutes!

Eat Wild:

Choose PASTURED SOURCES states by name… 

**The U.S. ranks as the MOST OBESE country in the world. In the average country tracked by the OECD, about one-fifth of the population is obese.

**United States (the ‘LAST STRONGHOLD’ in the World … 


From 1976 to 1980, just under 1 in 7 American adults, or 15.1 percent, were  


Now, despite people’s concerted efforts, obesity is at its highest level ever, 

with about 40 percent of U.S. adults and 18.5 percent of children

** (, considered obese. 

Commercial sale of GMO (genetically modified) foods began in 1994, when Calgene first marketed its unsuccessful Flavr Savr delayed-ripening tomato. 

Most food modifications have primarily focused on (CASH CROPS) in ‘high demand’ by farmers …

Such as GMO soybean, GMO Alfalfa & All CORN, GMO canola, & GMO cotton.

**  We think we are not eating GMO – 

**GMO ALFALFA (fed to the animals WE EAT!)…*

Labels may say Non-GMO or Organic, but since there is no regulation or enforcement-Labels cannot be trusted! Verify with Google!

‘Fast, Cheap, Tasty & Nutrition-less’ –  from All CAFO-GMO (Synthetic foods)

Are we approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT…

You Will Thank Me When You Retire at the Beach – Not the Nursing Home!

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