Telltale Signs of Consuming CAFO-GMO Synthetic foods – Hair Loss, Wheat Belly, Allergies, Memory Problems!!

The 14 Best Foods for Hair Growth

 Written by Ryan Raman, MS, RD on April 9, 2018

Telltale signs of consuming CAFO-GMO Synthetic foods: 

(No longer bioavailable)to sustain HAIR FOLLICLES  & NOURISH THE CNS & BRAIN in a Healthy  Way

** WHEAT BELLY (Over-milled refined carbs) & HAIR LOSS at the same time 

or External Weight gain & partner (eating the same CAFO-GMO foods – Internal weight gain – CAFO-GMO Diseases: Joints, lungs, skin (allergies), heart system, tumors & Alzheimer’s plaques in the brain, Depression & Mental Illness…

Considering Hair Loss Replacement (due to CAFO-GMO Fast & Inhumane processing – at the same time consider Non-Processed or GMO Natural Foods – For quicker & long lasting results.

Capillus laser therapy is a physician-recommended, FDA-cleared treatment for androgenetic alopecia that is clinically proven to prevent the progression of hair loss and regrow thinning hair. Capillus laser therapy caps use safe, low-level lasers to energize hair follicles and spur new, natural hair growth.

1. Non-GMO fed Chicken or Duck Eggs (Pastured  Free Range) – NOT CAFO-GMO -DISEASE CAUSING!)  Non-GMO Eggs are a great source of protein and biotin, two nutrients that may promote hair growth.

Eating adequate protein is important for hair growth because hair follicles are made of mostly protein. A lack of protein in the diet has been shown to promote hair loss 

Biotin is essential for the production of a hair protein called ‘keratin’, which is why biotin supplements (CAFO-GMO mentality- going away!) are often marketed for hair growth. (Supplements are EXCESS of biotin & a create a FAMINE – lack the Macronutrient, Micronutrients, Phytochemicals, Vitamins & Minerals Fiber, etc 

Research has also shown that consuming more biotin may help improve hair growth in people with a biotin deficiency. However, biotin deficiencies are uncommon if you consume a balanced diet. (Not CAFO-GMO fed poultry)

There is little evidence to show healthy people benefit from consuming more biotin…

Conventional store eggs – made synthetic  & non-Bioavailable! Fat storage only!

Pastured Eggs are also a great source of zinc, selenium and other hair-healthy nutrients. This makes them one of the best foods to consume for optimal hair health.

Industrial Farmed eggs (GMO fed) in the Conventional Grocery stores are Cheap – But made ‘Synthetic’ & non-Bioavailable by the CAFO Industrial  philosophy

SUMMARY  Non-GMO Pastured Eggs are a great source of protein and biotin, which are important for hair health and growth. A deficiency in either of these nutrients has been linked to hair loss.

Help Create Awareness OF CAFO Contribution to Greenhouse Gasses

** CAFO waste (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)-Over 168 Gases are Emitted-Major Cause of ‘Global Warming’-Ban GMO & CAFOs Go Away!

2. Berries (Blue, Raspberries – all SEEDS CONTAIN OMEGA 3

Berries are loaded with beneficial compounds and vitamins that may promote hair growth.

This includes vitamin C, which has strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidants can help protect hair follicles against damage from harmful molecules called free radicals. These molecules exist naturally in the body and the environment 

  • EX Coconut oil, EV Olive oil, Pastured Lard & Pastured Beef TallowNot Modern Disease-Causing! Vegetable oils (such as wheat germ, sunflower, safflower, GMO corn, and GMO soybean oils)
  • Raw ‘Soaked‘ Nuts (such as almonds, Soaked not ROASTED peanuts, hazelnuts/filberts or other raw nuts)
  • Roasting caused Inflammation & allergies!
  • Raw “soaked” Seeds (such as sunflower seeds)
  • Green leafy vegetables (such as spinach and broccoli)
  • Sprouted non-GMO  breakfast cereals, fruit juices, NOT MARGARINE, spreads or other ‘motor-like’ oils)

Jul 1, 2017 Vitamin E: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

For example, 1 cup (144 grams) of strawberries provides an impressive 141% of your daily vitamin C needs.

Also, the body uses vitamin C to produce COLLAGEN, a protein that helps strengthen hair to prevent it from becoming brittle and breaking). What’s more, vitamin C helps the body absorb iron from the diet. Low iron levels may cause anemia, which has been linked to hair loss (

SUMMARY  Berries are loaded with compounds like antioxidants and vitamins that may promote hair growth. For example, strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which aids collagen production and iron absorption, two factors that may promote hair growth.

3. Spinach & DEEP GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES (Not lettuce)

Spinach  & DEEP GREEN LEAFY are healthy green vegetables – loaded with beneficial nutrients like folate, iron, and vitamins A and C, all of which may promote hair growth.

Vitamin A helps the skin glands produce sebum. This oily substance helps moisturize the scalp to keep hair healthy.

A cup (30 grams) of spinach provides up to 54% of your daily vitamin A needs. Spinach or BOK CHOY, COLLARDS, SWISS CHARD  is also a great plant-based source of iron, which is essential for hair growth. Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body to fuel your metabolism and aid growth and repair. What’s more, iron deficiencies have been linked to hair loss 

SUMMARY  Spinach & Deep green leafy are loaded with folate, iron, and vitamins A and C, which may promote hair growth. A deficiency in these nutrients may result in hair loss.

4. Fatty Fish WILD (OMEGA 3) 

Fatty fish like WILD CAUGHT salmon, herring and mackerel have nutrients that may promote hair growth. (Canned also work with the packing (bacteria from canning) are RINSED OFF – WATER PACKING IF POSSIBLE.

They are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to hair growth.

Another study found that taking a fish oil supplement (Small Minded ‘Thin slice’ Mentality) significantly reduced hair loss and increased hair growth in women with thinning hair. However, ‘FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS’ HAVE NO SEAFOOD ‘PROTEIN’, MACRONUTRIENTS, MICRONUTRIENTS, PHYTOCHEMICALS, VITAMIN OR MINERALS OR FIBER! BEST TO AVOID & GO TO SOURCES WILD CAUGHT, CANNED WITH PACKING RINSED! 

However, there are only a handful of studies on omega-3 fatty acids and hair growth. More studies are needed before health experts can make any recommendations. THAT MAY BECAUSE OF THE MISSING NUTRIENTS (ABOVE) IN THE WILD CAUGHT FISH!

Fatty fish (NOT FARMED & FED GMO)  is also a great source of protein, selenium, vitamin D3 & B vitamins, nutrients that may help promote strong and healthy hair

SUMMARY  Fatty fish (not farmed & fed GMO)  like WILD caught salmon, herring and mackerel are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to improved hair growth and density.

5. Sweet Potatoes & Foods highest in beta carotene include:

  • carrots.
  • sweet potatoes.
  • dark leafy greens, such as beet greens, kale & spinach.
  • romaine lettuce.
  • squash. Butternut, Spaghetti  (not Yellow or zucchini Cash crops & heavily GMO)
  • cantaloupe.
  • Pablamo Peppers – not red and yellow peppers.
  • apricots. (dried apricots & cocoa truffles) 

More items…•Feb 7, 2018 Beta Carotene: Benefits, Foods to Eat, and More – Healthline

Sweet potatoes are a great source of beta-carotene. The body converts this compound into vitamin A, which is linked to good hair health.

A medium sweet potato (about 114 grams) contains enough beta-carotene to provide more than four times your daily vitamin A needs.

Research has shown that vitamin A promotes the production of sebum, which helps keep hair healthy. What’s more, vitamin A could also speed up the rate of hair growth and encourage the growth of thicker hair, all while preventing other hair follicles from regressing.

The best sources of vitamin A are:

  • Cod liver oil (Wild caught)
  • NonGMO fed chicken, duck Eggs.
  • Non-GMO breakfast cereals (Sprouted Ezekiel)
  • Pastured ‘Raw’ milk. (Brain Healthy) CAFO-GMO Modern dairy – Alzheimer’s plaque!
  • Orange and yellow vegetables and fruits.(Peel if GMO) 
  • Other sources of beta-carotene such as broccoli, spinach, and most dark green, leafy vegetables Bok Choy, Collards, Swiss Chard, parsley, beet greens & roots, cilantro (roots) 

Jul 1, 2017 Vitamin A: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

SUMMARY – Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin A, which helps aid sebum production. Additionally, it has other factors that may help speed up the rate of hair growth.

6. Avocados

Avocados are delicious, nutritious and a great source of healthy fats.

They are also an excellent source of vitamin E, which may promote hair growth. One medium avocado (about 200 grams) provides 21% of your daily vitamin E needs. Like vitamin C, vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps combat oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals.

In one study, people with hair loss experienced 34.5% more hair growth after taking a vitamin E  for eight months 

Vitamin E also protects areas of the skin, like the scalp, from oxidative stress and damage. Damaged skin on the scalp can result in poor hair quality and fewer hair follicles 

Vitamin E is found in the following foods:

  • EV Coconut & EV Olive oils (Not Inflammatory vegetable oils:  safflower, GMO corn, and GMO soybean oils)
  • Raw Soaked Nuts (such as almonds, raw soaked peanuts, and hazelnuts/filberts)
  • Seeds (such as raw (soaked) sunflower & pumpkin seeds)
  • Green leafy vegetables (such as Collards, Swiss Chard, Bok Choy spinach and broccoli)

More items…•Jul 1, 2017 Vitamin E: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

avocados are a great source of essential Omega 3 fatty acids. These fats cannot be produced by the body, but are essential building blocks of your cells. A deficiency in essential fatty acids has been linked to hair loss 

SUMMARY Avocados are rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that may promote hair growth. Additionally, they are a great source of essential fatty acids, which appear to be crucial for hair growth.

7.  Raw Nuts & Seeds (Soaked) to WASH AWAY  the DISEASE-CASING‘seed locks’ & lectins in the Peel!

Not Ground or Roasted! CAFO-GMO Whole Wheat – Not SOAKED – But ground into the flour causing Celiac Disease, IBS.

Nuts are tasty, convenient and contain a variety of nutrients that may promote hair growth.

For example, an ounce (28 grams) of raw soaked (not roasted) almonds provides an impressive 37% of your daily vitamin E needs.

What’s more, they also provide a wide variety of B vitamins, zinc & essential fatty acids. A deficiency in any of these nutrients has been linked to hair loss

Raw SOAKED (NOT ROASTED) Nuts have also been linked to a wide variety of other health benefits besides hair growth, including reduced inflammation and a lower risk of heart disease-

This makes nuts an excellent and easy addition to your diet. UNLESS ROASTED!

Roasting & not soaking causes ALLERGIES  &(SOME FATAL) & DESTROYS THE OMEGA 3 (for CNS & BRAIN!

SUMMARY  Nuts are packed with nutrients like vitamin E, B vitamins, zinc & essential fatty acids, all of which may promote hair growth and are linked to many other health benefits.

8. Seeds (Soaked) to remove the ‘seed locks’ & lectins in the Peel! Not ‘Ground’ or ‘Roasted’!

‘Raw-Soaked’ Seeds deliver a massive amount of nutrients with relatively few calories. Many of these nutrients may also promote hair growth. These include vitamin E, zinc and selenium (raw Brazil nuts).

An ounce (28 grams) of raw sunflower seeds provides nearly 50% of your daily vitamin E needs, with a wide variety of hair-healthy B vitamins (28).

What’s more, certain seeds like flaxseeds and chia seeds also provide omega-3 fatty acids.

However, GMO flaxseeds – CASH CROP – AVOID UNTIL US BANS GMO) – Non-GMO provides omega-3 fatty acids. That’s more omega-3 fatty acids than half a fillet (178 grams) of Wild Caught salmon.

However, GMO & Heritage  flaxseeds LIKED DO NOT provide a type of omega-3 fatty acid that is not used by the body as efficiently as the omega-3s found in fatty fish.

SUMMARY  Like RAW nuts, seeds are rich in vitamin E and other nutrients that may promote hair growth. Some seeds also contain omega-3s, which have been linked to hair growth.

9. Pablom & other peppers – Sweet Peppers (may Be GMO & need to be PEELED TO REMOVE LECTINS – DISCARD SEEDS!

Try other peppers – Poblano pepper (PEELING OPTIONAL – SEEDS LIKELY OK??

One serving has only 48 calories but 70 percent of the daily recommended value of vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant. … Because of the antioxidants in poblano pepper, it helps to prevent many diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, as well as protects your eyes and keeps skin looking healthy.Jun 7, 2017

Poblano Pepper Fights Cancer & Boosts Weight Loss – Dr. Axe

This vitamin may help speed up hair growth while stimulating the production of sebum, which helps keep hair healthy.

SUMMARY Poblano & other peppers Sweet peppers are a rich source of vitamins A and C, two nutrients that help ensure hair stays healthy and that may aid hair growth.


Oysters are one of the best food sources of zinc.

Zinc is a mineral that helps support THE CNS & BRAIN in addition to hair growth and repair cycle A lack of zinc in the diet may promote telogen effluvium, a common but reversible form of hair loss caused by a lack of nutrients in the diet.

However, taking too much zinc could also promote hair loss. That’s why getting zinc from FOODS – like oysters may be better than taking supplements – since foods provide zinc in small but healthy doses 

SUMMARY Oysters are one of the best sources of zinc in the diet. This mineral helps support the hair growth and repair cycle.

11. ‘Wild caught’ Shrimp  & Not Farmed – Fed GMO!

Shrimp are popular shellfish rich in many nutrients that have the potential to promote hair growth.

For example, wild-caught shrimp are a great source of protein, B vitamins, zinc, iron and vitamin D. A 3.5-ounce (100-gram) serving of shrimp provides 38% of your daily vitamin D needs. Interestingly, studies have linked vitamin D3 deficiency to hair loss.  (Excessive Sun screen blocking sun rays? FEAR MONGERING – CANCER!! Eating CAFO-GMO MEAT & MODERN DAIRY?

Despite being very low in fat, shrimp also provide a small amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to improved hair growth.

SUMMARY Shrimp are a great source of protein, B vitamins, zinc, iron & vitamin D, which may aid hair growth. They also provide a small amount of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

12. Beans, Pulses, Lentils (Soaked to remove seed locks & Lectins) 

Beans are a great plant-based source of protein, which is essential to hair growth. 

AMAZING SOURCE OF PLANT PROTEIN TO REPLACE CAFO-GMO MEAT-  if there is no source for ‘Pastured’ Meat & Dairy!

Soaking or rinsing packing from canned removes the ‘non-nutrients’ – An Instant Pot is very helpful when hydrating dry beans.

Like oysters, beans are a good source of zinc, which aids the hair growth and repair cycle. A 3.5-ounce (100-gram) serving of black beans provides 7% of your daily zinc needs (They also provide many other hair-healthy nutrients, including iron, biotin & folate.

On top of all these benefits, beans are highly versatile and inexpensive, which makes them an easy addition to the diet.

SUMMARY  Beans are a great source of protein, iron, zinc and biotin, which are all essential for optimal hair health. Together, they may aid hair growth.

13. Soybeans (Avoid all Modern Soy GMO) – If ONly Heritage – Avoid until GMO IS BANNED IN US!!

GMO soy is ‘Disease-causing’ & Inflammatory- Avoid all Modern soy & animals that are fed Modern Soy, Modern Corn or Modern Alfalfa fed to the animals we eat!


Studies have shown that compounds in hertiage  soybeans may promote hair growth. One of these compounds is spermidine, which is abundant in HERITAGE soybeans.

SUMMARY HERITAGE Soybeans are one of the best sources of spermidine, a compound that may prolong the active phase of hair growth.


‘PASTURED’ Meat is a staple in many people’s diet and is rich in nutrients that may aid hair growth.

The protein in ‘pastured’ meat aids growth and helps repair and strengthen hair follicles. A 3.5-ounce (100-gram) serving of cooked sirloin steak provides as much as 29 grams of protein (45).

PASTURED Red meat, in particular, is rich in a type of iron that’s easy to absorb. This mineral helps the red blood cells deliver oxygen to all cells in the body, in protein and iron have been linked to hair loss 

SUMMARY ‘Pastured’ Meat is a great source of Unaltered  protein, which is essential for healthy, strong hair. ‘Pastured’ Red meat, in particular, is rich in iron, which may aid hair growth.-

only if it s Pastured or Wild!

The Bottom Line  CAFO-GMO MEAT & DAIRY & CAFO PROCESSES – Over Milling (removing the plant protein), Heat altering – Pasteurization (creating Dead bacteria, Cortisol stress, Seed locks & lectins from GMO Soy, GMO Corn & GMO Alfalfa fed to cows  & Roasting  – Removed the benefits & is MAJOR SOURCE OF HAIR LOSS! 

What you eat can have a huge effect on the health of your hair -CAFO-GMO processes creat non-Bioavailable Substrates for Fat Storage only & are DEAD – Famine to the HAIR FOLICLES !!

A lack of the right nutrients (CAFO-GMO DEAD FOODS) including vitamins A, C, D and E, zinc, B vitamins, iron, biotin, protein and essential fatty acids may slow down hair growth or even cause hair loss.

Fortunately, correcting a deficiency in any of these nutrients may help treat hair loss and promote the rate of hair growth.

5 STAR BURGERS-‘From ‘Pasture-Raised’ Animals? Likely Better Than Most Modern (CAFO-GMO)Restaurants, Tasty-

MAY be Starting a New Trend? Praise!  Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn

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