Worn Out Mowing the Grass?

Tired of Mowing the grass? https://wordpress.com/post/facebookcomdeehinkle2.wordpress.com/2895

Plant a prairie & maintain in peace (lower blood pressure naturally)

Prairies are sometimes called upside-down forests because much of the plant and animal life is below ground. Many prairie plants have roots 5 to 15 feet deep. Extensive root systems improve the ability of the soil to infiltrate water, reducing runoff and wet conditions. Deep roots decrease erosion by anchoring soil-Unlike lawn grass!

Put Down Some Roots… Plant Prairie – Minnesota DNR



Tired of Mowing the Lawn? | New Society Publishers  https://www.newsociety.com/blog/2018/Tired-of-Mowing-the-Lawn

Change your lawn into a beautiful natural meadow. Today’s excerpt … If the lawn is thin, the other option is to mow the lawn to 1 inch or shorter.

Tired of Maintaining Your Lawn? – ThoughtCo https://www.thoughtco.com › … › Social Sciences › Environment › Green Living

Mar 8, 2019 – Explore alternatives to grass lawns that can free you from your lawn mower and provide attractive green spaces without the need for toxic … 

Don’t Want to Mow Your Grass? Check out these 5 Alternatives! https://www.yourgreenpal.com/…/don-t-want-to-mow-your-grass-check-out-these-5-a…

Prairie grasses & flowers! or Google  Here are 5 alternatives to the traditional lawn!

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