Pasteurized Milk Goes Putrid – Raw Milk is Still a Highly Useful & HEALTHY FAT for the CNS & Brain!

by Sarah Updated: February 07, 2018 

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One of the most frequent questions I get from readers is what to do with naturally soured raw milk, also called clabbered milk.

Sour raw milk is NOT LIKE pasteurized milk that has gone past its “use by” datePasteurized milk goes putrid and must be thrown out at that point, but raw milk is still a highly useful item in the kitchen.


Little Miss Muffet-eating her ‘curds & whey’!

The difference is that pasteurized milk is a DEAD food – there are no enzymes or probiotics present.

So, when store milk goes bad, it becomes a huge foodborne illness risk to consume it and it must be discarded.

Raw milk lasts from 1 to 3 weeks. Under normal ‘sanitation procedures’ For best results, keep it cold and keep it sealed!

Once you break the seal on the jar, the milk will sour at a faster rate. May grow mold or other microbes in the air space above the milk.  If you go through the milk slowly, I would suggest breaking it up into smaller jars and filling each jar to the top.

If the milk does sour, it is still quite edible.  Sour milk is great for pancakes and any recipe that calls for buttermilk – You can skim the cream off the top of the milk and make butter or ice cream.

Raw milk is loaded with enzymes and probiotics. When raw milk starts to sour, it simply means that beneficial bacteria called probiotics have started to use up the lactose (milk sugar) which causes the milk to no longer taste as sweet.

Raw milk that tastes sour is still very much safe to drink and is even more beneficial to health as the higher level of probiotics have initiated the fermentation or clabbering of the milk.

So if you find yourself with some soured raw milk in the refrigerator, check through this list and see what makes the most sense for using it up. It doesn’t have to be raw cow milk either. Any type of unpasteurized milk will do including sheeps milk, goat milk, camel milk, and even water buffalo milk!

Whatever you do, though, don’t throw it out! There is no need for even a drop of your nutrient dense, ‘Pasture’ Fed dairy to go to waste!


Raw milk does not go bad like pasteurized milk, but naturally sours into drinkable yogurt-style clabbered milk that has dozens of uses in the kitchen!


1. Make scrambled eggs with it.

2. Make quiche with it.

3. Add it to a breakfast smoothie.

4. Make homemade pudding with it (if slightly soured).

5. Make hot chocolate with it.

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