‘Wherefore Art Thou’ Climate Change? And ‘Wherefore Art Thou’ Plant Protein – MIA ‘OTHER’ Protein!!

Wherefore Art Thou Climate Change? Planet3.org – Michael Tobis   http://planet3.org/2014/06/14/wherefore-art-thou-climate-change/   

‘Wherefore art thou  MIA  ‘OTHER’ Protein’“Plant Protein” (Unaltered & Non-GMO)

The Protein Myth Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn Publish date September 10, 2018

Got It??

“Global warming” and “climate change” and “climate disruption” are useful related concepts.  They do not mean the same thing!!!

The Argument should be OVER!   Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn


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More on the Outdated, STALE & USELESS ARGUMENT ON GLOBAL WARMING       From Michael Tobis (Planet3.org)

Once in a while someone will have more sophisticated questions like 

  1. what’s the magnitude of the anthropogenic forcing compared to natural forcings? 
  2. what’s the lag time in the system response? 
  3. what is the magnitude of the most disruptive plausible scenarios? 
  4. what’s the likelihood of the discontinuous shifts in system regime? etc., When I hear people asking the right questions it makes my day, but it’s pretty rare.

What people outside the field universally don’t mean by “global warming” though, is “a tendency for the global mean surface temperature to increase”!

Therefore I suggest to my colleagues that we avoid the phrase in public communication. We should be talking about “climate”, “climate forcing” and “climate change” & about the “scientific consensus” and the “policy implications”. 

It might be wise, given the present confusion, to go so far as to publicly use expressions like “increasing average surface temperature” when we mean “global warming” in the literal sense.

To the public and the press, I suggest three things. 

First, define your terms carefully when talking to a scientist and tolerate the scientist’s insistence on doing so. 

Second, try to stick to one subject at a time. Finally, among the questions you should be asking scientists is “what are the most important questions?”

Unfortunately, things have gotten much worse. We have some sort of a hiatus or near-hiatus in global mean surface temperature; this is not really a scientific mystery – if anything we have too many explanations;  if they all pan out the underlying rate of change of surface temperature is actually on the high side! But it’s certainly true that the behavior of the system is not captured by the CMIP ensembles.

I claim that sloppiness with nomenclature has allowed bad things to have happened in the public discourse.

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