America is Ripe for Revolution! The Hunt for ‘RED OCTOBER’- Unaltered GMO Plant Protein and Seafood Protein! LENTEN FISH FRIES? Barley Loaves and Fishes-He (Some say God) Multiplied to Feed the Multitudes!

America is Ripe for Revolution! 

Red October – another name for the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia.

Red October may also refer to Red October (Philippines), also known as “Red October plot”, an alleged rumor of ousting President Rodrigo Duterte from the office.

The French Revolution lasted 10 years from 1789 to 1799. It began on July 14, 1789, when revolutionaries stormed a prison called the Bastille.

Hunt for Red October1

What is missing? 

It is the hidden (Unaltered) Plant & Seafood Protein & Omega 3 that supports the ‘Thinking Brain’…

‘Hunt for Plant Protein & Omega 3 (Seafood Protein)’?


‘HE’ (some say God) MULTIPLIED (unlike GMO-Factroy Processed foods) – to FEED THE MULTITUDES – WITH 12 BASKETS LEFT OVER!

Cowan GAPS for Lenten Fish Fries – The BEST FOOD is properly FORAGED or CAUGHT WILD-

America is Ripe for Revolution! The Hunt for ‘RED OCTOBER’- Unaltered GMO Plant Protein and Seafood Protein! Barley Loaves and Fishes-He (Some say God) Multiplied to Feed the Multitudes!

The Lion Shall Live with the Lamb- Isaiah 11-6-9 via @htwagner

Medicare & Medical Insurance scams & schemes to Hide the IMPORTANCE to the ‘Thinking Mind’ for Not-Altered Plant Protein & Omega 3.

Fruits & Vegetables are critical– but the ‘Plant Protein’ level is too low to sustain the Modern Thinking Mind. (HOMELESSNESS FROM FAST & PROCESSED LOW-PLANT PROTEIN, SEAFOOD PROTEIN & CONVENIENCE FOODS)


Science is now showing REVERSING & PREVENTION is the only way to DODGE’ the Medicare bullet –

Food Quality

In some ways, in a list of the top ten dietary principles, attention to food quality should be numbers one through nine.

As there is such an intimate connection between pesticide or herbicide use and diseases, including polio and autism, it is imperative for anyone suffering from any autoimmune disease or any disease of any kind, to pay strict attention to the quality of food they’re eating.

By “quality,” I refer not only to the Care of Soil and PASTURES that forms the foundation of healthy food, but also to more subtle aspects, such as the correct time to harvest vegetables and the proper way to store and process the foods we eat.

 A commitment to food quality needs to be a total commitment—meaning the complete abandonment of inferior-quality foods.

Here are the “rules”:

  • The BEST FOOD is properly FORAGED or CAUGHT WILD- This means the forager or hunter needs to be aware of sustainable foraging practices and must avoid contaminated land and water. 
  • Lenten Fish Fries – Harvest Wild Boars in rural ares – render their Brain-Immune system Lard to prevent Covid 19-
  • The hunter needs to be aware of how to humanely kill and dress his prey – To prevent stress toxins from the blood & meat of the prey. 

SOURCE – Health Benefits of Grass-Fed (Pasture-raised) Products –

  • The NEXT BET quality will come from PASTURE-RAISED  animals-
  • St Louis Source –
  •  Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions2810 Sutton Boulevard Maplewood, Mo 63143314-647-2567
  • Followed by food grown on biodynamic farms or gardens 
  • Or on small-scale permaculture farms. 
  • FOLLOWING THAT – is food produced by small-scale family farms or gardens or food grown in your own ORGANIC HOMESTEAD OR garden or Farmer’s Market – LOCAL –
  • The final acceptable source is food grown on large-scale Certified Organic farms. 
  • For help finding these types of foods
  • the Weston A. Price Foundation shopping guide can be invaluable (see recommended resources-
  • Shopping Guide and Find Real Food App
  • <img class=”alignleft wp-image-1896 size-full” src=”; alt=”shoppingguide2012″ width=”300″ />
  • Take the guesswork out of buying the most natural, nutrient dense, and traditional foods! (US only).
  • Our annual printed Shopping Guide summarizes our nutritional principles, and organizes foods into 30 categories with “Best,” “Good,” and “Avoid” rankings.

Longevity Secrets-‘Blue Zones’ Explorations and The LION SHALL LIVE WITH LAMB-UTOPIA! Big Gov-Big Business COLLUSION- PREVENTING-REVERSE- GAPS-Dr Thomas Cowan’s Diets Non-GMO NOT ALTERED BY Heat Altering OILS and Over-Milling Grains-SELL PHARMA & BUY J and J-PARADIGM SHIFT!!



The Next Gen –  ‘Neo-nazis’ – Factory GMO Foods are killings are now called the Holocaust!!

This is the Turning Point-America is Ripe for Revolution – 

Ban GMO – th

Lessons. Longevity secrets, blue zones explorations, research and articles. Blue Zones Project.Big Government – Big business Corruption – Preventing US -Blue Zones Lessons. Longevity secrets, blue zones explorations, research and articles. Blue Zones Project.

Learn how to transform your community to live –

Reverse Engineering Longevity Inspired By Dan Buettner – Power 9®

Life expectancy of an American born today averages 78.2 years. 

 (And may end up Western Style – on Pharma & in a Nursing Home)

But this year, over 70,000 Americans have reached their 100th birthday.

What are they doing that the average American isn’t? Quality of Life?

National Geographic to find the world’s longest-lived people and study them.  We knew most of the answers lied within their lifestyle and environment (The Danish Twin Study established that only about 20% of how long the average person lives is determined by genes). 

Then we worked with a team of demographers to find pockets of people around the world with the highest life expectancy, or with the highest proportions of people who reach age 100-

Big Government – Big Business is Fraud-Greed-Fear -Mongering for Profit? – Covid Makers ALL! The Top Human Rights Issue of Our Time – Dr Thomas Cowan and Regenerative Agriculture – Fake Food – Future for America? Immune System Impotent!

Dr Thomas Cowan –

Once a society finds itself financial detention on war, sickness imprisonment  & enforced schooling – it must be understood that the solution to these problems can’t bet more of the same’-

  1. Einstein  –The definition of INSANITY –  is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

The cost of Medical care is threatening  to bankrupt us – Reducing the ‘ INERT’ &  over-prescribed pharma (under doctor’s supervision)

Reduce the ‘Pill for a Problem philosophy of  Pharma  to PLACEBO  level-to preserve organs & avoid SIDE-EFFECTS –

Autoimmunity-the Changing Nature of Illness TRAUMA TREATMENT – 

Dr Tom Cowan’s Version of the Gaps Diet – GMO or Factory-Altered Processed Foods – Low Dose Naltrexone for Better Sleep-Anxiety Treats Symptoms of Trauma from Life – the Elephant in the Room! Needed with Diet -Sources-LDN -Recipes



Ivan Illich –Health, argues Illich, is the capacity to cope with the human reality of death, pain, and sickness. Technology can benefit many; yet, modern mass medicine has gone too far, launching into a godlike battle to eradicate death, pain, and sickness. In doing so, it turns people into risk-averse consuming objects, turning healing into mere science, turning medical healers into mere drug-surgical technicians

VACCINE may not come  – Why not invest in Massive Research on the Immune system & CNS – (prevention & research & exquisite fine dining!!

READ MORE ON GAPS  or Dr Tom Cowan’s AUTOIMMUNE DIET to improve Longevity –

Six Principles to Follow When Starting on an Autoimmune Diet

The Cowan Autoimmune DietFood & Drink, Health & Wellness

Inspired by a combination of his work treating patients with autoimmune disease and working in his garden, Dr. Cowan has developed six principles to help patients create healthy, natural diets.

**He emphasizes the importance of sourcing Quality Food from your immediate environment and consuming the correct Macronutrients.

The following excerpt is from Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness, by Thomas Cowan, MD. It has been adapted for the web.

Prefer audio?

Listen to the following excerpt from the audiobook of Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness.

Six Principles to Follow When Starting on an Autoimmune Diet

Chelsea GreenPublishing 

The full GAPS diet-

  • Wild Foraged or PASTURE-RAISED Meat & Oils  – ‘BRAIN-IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTY’ – Fat – NOT MODERN FACTORY – NEEDED For FAT SOLUBLE VITAMINS A (Vision) & Vitamin D (Bone health)
  • ‘Low & no fat – FLAWED MODERN CONCEPT!
  • Brain & CNS Healthy Animal fats, such as lard, tallow, lamb fat, duck fat, raw butter &  ghee.
  • Fish – not Farmed & Fed GMO
  • Shellfish
  • Pasture-Raised organic eggs (hens not fed GMO)
  • Fermented foods, such as kefir, homemade yogurt & sauerkraut.
  • vegetables (peeled) to remove Lectins in the Peel – Bitter to repel predators – but Poison – not a NUTRIENT – MODERN FACTORY ROASTS OR GRINDS – DISEASE CAUSING PROCESS!


  • Purpose
  • The Okinawans call it “Ikigai” and the Nicoyans call it “plan de vida;” for both it translates to “why I wake up in the morning.” Knowing your sense of purpose is worth up to seven years of extra life expectancy
  • Down Shift
  • Even people in the Blue Zones experience stress. Stress leads to chronic inflammation, associated with every major age-related disease. What the world’s longest-lived people have that we don’t are routines to shed that stress. Okinawans take a few moments each day to remember their ancestors, Adventists pray, Ikarians take a nap and Sardinians do happy hour.
  • 80% Rule
  • “Hara hachi bu”  – the Okinawan, 2500-year old Confucian mantra said before meals reminds them to stop eating when their stomachs are 80 percent full. The 20% gap between not being hungry and feeling full could be the difference between losing weight or gaining it. People in the blue zones eat their smallest meal in the late afternoon or early evening and then they don’t eat any more the rest of the day.
  • Belong & NO STRESS-
  • All but five of the 263 centenarians we interviewed belonged to some faith-based community.  Denomination doesn’t seem to matter. Research shows that attending faith-based services four times per month will add 4-14 years of life expectancy.
  • Loved Ones First
  • Successful centenarians in the blue zones put their families first. This means keeping aging parents and grandparents nearby or in the home (It lowers disease and mortality rates of children in the home too.). They commit to a life partner (which can add up to 3 years of life expectancy) and invest in their children with time and love (They’ll be more likely to care for you when the time comes).
  • Right Tribe
  • The world’s longest lived people chose–or were born into–social circles that supported healthy behaviors, Okinawans created ”moais”–groups of five friends that committed to each other for life. Research from the Framingham Studies shows that smoking, obesity, happiness, and even loneliness are contagious. So the social networks of long-lived people have favorably shaped their health behaviors.
  • To make it to age 100, you have to have won the genetic lottery. But most of us have the capacity to make it well into our early 90’s and largely without chronic disease. As the Adventists demonstrate, the average person’s life expectancy could increase by 10-12 years by adopting a Blue Zones lifestyle.


We found five places that met our criteria for Blue Zones-

  • Barbagia region of Sardinia – Mountainous highlands of inner Sardinia with the world’s highest concentration of male centenarians.
  • Ikaria, Greece – Aegean Island with one of the world’s lowest rates of middle age mortality and the lowest rates of dementia.
  • Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica – World’s lowest rates of middle age mortality, second highest concentration of male centenarians.
  • Seventh Day Adventists – Highest concentration is around Loma Linda, California. They live 10 years longer than their North American counterparts.
  • Okinawa, Japan – Females over 70 are the longest-lived population in the world.

We then assembled a team of medical researchers, anthropologists, demographers, and epidemiologists to search for evidence-based common denominators among all places. We found nine.


Blue Zones Power 9: Lifestyle Habits of the World’s Healthiest, Longest-Lived People

  • Wine  (Fermented or beer also Fermented @ 5 – Happy Hour!People in all blue zones (except Adventists) drink alcohol MODERATELY & REGULARLY.                                              Moderate drinkers outlive non-drinkers & better quality of life– The trick is to drink 1-2 glasses per day (preferably Sardinian Cannonau wine), with friends and/or with food.                                                       And no- It cannot be saved up all week and have 14 drinks on Saturday –
  1. Move Naturally-The world’s longest-lived people don’t pump iron, run marathons or join gyms. Instead, they live in environments that constantly nudge them into moving without thinking about it. They grow gardens and don’t have mechanical conveniences for house and yard work – CREATING A VEGETABLE GARDEN – HERITAGE SEEDS-
  2. Plant Based Protein – Non-GMO, Not Altered by Over-Heating & Over-Milling & Seasoned with ‘Brain-Immune System Healthy-‘Wild Caught’ or ‘Pasture-raised’ Oils or Plant oils – For FAT SOLUBLE Vitamin A (vision) & Vitamin D (bone health)-


Avocado,, etc. (Not Altered by Over-Heating & Over-Milled-(‘refined or enriched’-making Greed sound like the processing is good for health!) 

-Soaked Beans, including fava, black, Non-GMO Heritage soy & Non-GMO Corn & lentils, are the cornerstone of most centenarian diets. Meat—mostly Wild Foraged Boars, Deer  or Pasture-raised  pork—is eaten – to on average only five times per month.  Serving sizes are 3-4 oz., about the size of a deck of cards.

**TED Talk – Peter Attia – What if we’re wrong about diabetes. It MAY BE TIME TO Write a ‘new narrative’ of the Aging Process

** Dr. Dale Bredesen on Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease – ALMOST THERE! MISSING THE CAFO-GMO PIECE! Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn Dr. Dale Bredesen on Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease –

Author of  ‘The End of Alzheimer – The CAFO-GMO connection!

Amyloid plaques are clumps of beta-amyloids, which destroy connections between nerve cells. They are found in the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, incurable dementia that impacts thinking, memory and behavior. INFLAMMATORY & atrophic – What are Amyloid Plaques? – Definition & Significance |


** The Process of Reversing BEGINS WITH ‘Radical’ FASTING to Remove the No-long ‘Bioavailable’ substrates caused by CAFO-GMO processing of foods.

Dr. Sean Branham -Written on Monday, 16 March 2015 00:00 Read more… Subscribe to this RSS feed. 7411 Manchester Rd St Louis Missouri  Natural Diabetes, Thyroid, and GI Treatment in St Louis | Natural …

** The New Yorker Magazine  By Adam Gopnik  ‘Can We Live Longer but Stay Younger’? May 13, 2019

To Begin Reversing CAFO-GMO Age-Related Disease: 

Every day – have the GOAL TO FAST (GOOGLE) & ‘short Intense Exercise – 

To be Hungry & out of breath’! 

The Forgotten Protein– Plant Protein to support the CNS & Prefrontal Brain (the Thinking Brain!). Unaltered whole Ancient Grains & Seafood Protein!!

(BARLEY LOAVES & FISHES-He (some say GOD) fed the Multitudes! 2000 years ago! 

** Ban GMO –  It is Not SAFE!

** While it Magnifies the food (to Feed the world)

**ALSO MAGNIFIES are the (‘Seed Lock’ in each ‘magnifies Kernel) – Celiac disease rampant!

**Also Magnifies are the Lectins in the Peel- Bitter to ‘ward off Predators’ (Obesity)!

These ‘Naturally occurring ‘non-nutrients” – Easily removed by SOAKING (with a medium: lemon juice, apple cider vinegar to retard the growth of unwanted microbes) & rinsing off before cooking!

** CAFO-GMO ‘processing’ skips this vital step!! 

& the GMO ‘disease-causing’ EXCESS is Ground into the flour

Whole Wheat’ often Over-Milled (removing the Plant Protein & increasing a load of Glutens & Lectins) – NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!

THEY are NOT ‘Our DAILY BREAD’ without Plant Protein

**CAFO-GMO ‘Heat Altered’ Meat & MODERN Dairy – 3 STRIKES: (Includes Yogurt, Sour cream & Ice Cream) MODERN ONLY –Fat & Protein from PASTURED ANIMALS – (BRAIN HEALTHY! With Omega 3 & Vitamin D)

  1. Modern Dairy Contains ‘Dead Bacteria’ from Pasteurization 
  2. Fed GMO Alfalfa, Soy or Corn – Research is showing forms Alzheimer’s Plaques in the brain! 
  3. Cortisol from inhumane stressful farming conditions (in addition to ‘man-added’ antibiotics, hormone, etc)


** Ban Roasting of Raw Nuts, Seeds & Ancient Grains – BUT ‘SOAK’ to make ‘CLEAN’- remove the seed lock & lectins & Save the Omega 3 for the CNS & Prefrontal Brain!

** Ban Over-Milled Ancient Grains (Plant Protein) Refined Carbs (DILUTING THE PLANT PROTEIN OF WHEAT) –

Make History – Whole Wheat (UNCLEAN – NOT SOAKED) & ‘All Purpose-less’ flours only 2 Grams of Plant Protein.

More like”Let them eat cake” translation of the French phrase – “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” –

They say was spoken by “a great princess” upon learning that the peasants had no bread – commonly attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette – Ignighted the French Revolution!

** OVER-DILUTION of Alternative milks – Almond milk – 2 grams-WATERED DOWN! Cheap (HIGH PROFIT)! 

Raw nuts should be Soaked – NOT ROASTED (Allergy-causing & Destroys Omega 3 for the brain). Almonds are a close second to peanuts in protein content. Approximately 23 almonds or a 1-ounce serving of this highly popular, crunchy nut provides 6g of protein. Following close behind almonds is Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts.

‘Perfect Storm’ for Reversal: 

FAST (stay hungry) from ‘Over-Processed – ‘DISEASE-CAUSING’ Convenience’ foods – 


& stay out of breath- EXERCISE!! 


We can do better WITH Prevention & Reversing DISEASE (& HOMELESSNESS) armed with SCIENCE & COMPASSION! 



This legislation was proposed by President  Johnson in response to a national poverty rate of around 19% Since the end of WWII! That was first introduced by United States President Lyndon B. Johnson during his State of the Union address on Wednesday, January 8, 1964.

The Industrial Age Farm Methods Food that is mostly “Synthetic” – 

It is Unconscionable for Charities to ‘Kick-the-Homelessness-Can’ down the road With CAFO-GMO Altered, ‘Disease-causing’ refined foods & NOT to End poverty & homelessness!

The current practice of ‘Mindless’ feeding the poor & homeless CAFO-GMO (Body Food only) – keep them laborers – by not feeding the ‘Thinking Brain’!’

This practice is as “inhumane” as the CAFO-GMO Industrial Farming …

Trying to ‘Feed the World’ with ‘Magnifying the Food’, but also magnifying the Vital Glutens & Helpful Lectins in the Peels at the same rate…

Making GMO .. Toxic Synthetic & Not Fit for Human Consumption – Over-milled’ Refined Carbs (disease causing)/

“Let’s NOT ONLY ‘start a conversation” about

Homelessness & Poverty But FINISH the ‘War on Poverty’…

Science & Religion –

May have found a COMMON GROUND!!

Science without religion is lame

Religion without science is blind …

Albert Einstein

SUMMARY – READ MORE: Bears Repeating!

Ways CAFO-GMO is Hidden…

Synthetic CAFO-GMO Substrates- Hiding (not soaking), Diluting (Altering).

** Instead of ALLERGY-CAUSING ‘ROASTING’ – To remove the gluten & lectins by the ancient practice of soaking to make plant protein CLEAN – not gut destroying!

Roasting also Destroys the Natural form of Plant protein & Omega 3 – changing to Omega 6 (INFLAMMATORY)


The Most egregious …

The practice of OVER-MILLING – Removing up to 50% of the Plant Protein & Fiber…Doubling the amount of ‘REFINED CARBS’…

REMOVING PLANT PROTEIN – The ‘PRINCIPAL FUEL’ for the Prefrontal ‘Thinking’ Brain – Leaving only enough ‘BRAIN POWER’ – & Modern Dairy… loaded with ‘Dead Bacteria’ from Pasteurization

& GMO – (Synthetic food) GMO Alfalfa, (Modern Soy & Corn)

Non-Foods since the 1990s when fed to us (& the animals we eat) & all the while still trying to convince us the Soy & Corn are the same as before GMO!

CAFO-GMO Industrial ‘muscle meat’ – Both SATURATED with Cortisol’ (stress hormone) …Which is produced by ‘Inhumane Farming Practices’ & laden with bacterial in CAFO-GMO Wet – Not dry Meat cases!

Ranging from ‘motor-like’ oils on a Tasty seasoning on salads – to fry fluff white ‘refined carb breading (soaking it up only to be stored as fat!

DOA! Changing Omega 3 to Inflammatory Omega 6.

Altered by GMO – which Magnifies the grain & creates Franken grains by astarving the brain only to create starvation by creating EXCESS non-nutrients(that before CAFO-GMO were cleaned by Soaking or Sprouting through since whole grains evolved 10,000 ago to evolve the Prefrontal brain & CNS, (the Vital Glutens & ‘Protective’ Lectins in the Peel

Over-Milling, (same EFFECT as GMO) it concentrates the Disease-causing Refined Carbs),

Heat (Pasteurization (Loaded with GMO alfalfa, GMO corn or GMO soy, along with Cortisol & Dead bacteria from over-Heating the dairy)

All Purpose-less flour & alternative milks leading the way to DILUTE the Plant Protein (Altering by diluting)

& Roasting (Changing the Omega 3 to Omega 6 (for shelf life) & Responsible for Peanut, nut allergies

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