VRAYLAR (PHARMA) to Treat ‘Bipolar’ – the Insanity!

VRAYLAR to Treat ‘Bipolar’ – the insanity!

Everyone is bipolar – a ‘non-diagnosis!!’

Relying solely on Pharma – A ‘pill for a problem’  

Einstein’s definition of Insanity: ‘Doing the same thing over and over  – expecting different results’

According to the Vaylar website:

‘Symptoms’ only are all that is taken into account to make a (mis) diagnosis!

Western Medicine does not take  into account ‘Inherited DNA’ or the CAFO-GMO SAD American diet disease-causing – Franken Foods

VRAYLAR – They say:

‘Bipolar I disorder is a condition that causes periods of severe changes in mood, activity levels, energy, and the ability to carry out everyday tasks.

These periods are often called ‘episode’.

Experiencing just ‘one manic’ episode is enough to be diagnosed with bipolar I disorder. 

‘Fear tactics’ – Common to Western Medicine –


But the Western Doctors insist on Keeping us in the dark & terrifying us & NOT WARN US OF THE DANGERS OF CAFO-GMO SYNTHETIC FOODS!

Bipolar I disorder is also known as a manic-depressive illness – HOWEVER:

Famous people throughout history probably had manic depressive…

Many famous people throughout history showed the signs of having bipolar; that they were channeling their manic energy into whatever it was that made them famous, but that they would also have steep bouts of depression. Do you have any examples? Request From Quora…https://www.quora.com/Which-famous-people-throughout-history-probably manic depressive

VRAYLAR – They say:

‘Although there is no known cure’ ….

(Since it likely comes from inherited DNA- ‘Pilgrim ancestors who knew how to INNOVATE & CREATE  to survive!

Many 100’s of years of (24 & 7) Praying & Problem solving to survive! Encoded in their DNA – Focused on Prayer & work dusk to dawn -NO TIME OFF FOR VACATIONS!

**  Cared & gave to others – able to channel their God-Given Nature!

NATURE by Feeding it (NURTURE) with whole (not-altered) ‘real’ foods from Sustainable farms (not chemically fertilized)!

**  Not CAFO-GMO Heat altered & Over-Milled (destroying the Plant Protein for the Prefrontal brain & CNS by the CAFO-GMO OVER PROCESSING (FOR SHELF LIFE) !

Symptoms may be managed by: 

**  Prayer, Meditation & REM Sleep (8-14 hours daily). to ‘go inside to listen to find ways to honor the gift of Inherited DNA-

**  Intentional Positive thinking – ‘It is a Choice’ & use of AFFIRMATIONS!

**  Caring for & Giving to others Showing compassion –

**  Labor – ‘Exercise’! (to bless the brain with Oxygen!

**  Eliminating CAFO-GMO (Synthetic) foods – which tend to be ‘Body only’ (Omega 6) & Staving the Prefrontal brain & CNS  Plant Protein (unaltered) & Seafood Protein-

**   Modern (Western) Heavy reliance on GMO, Heat altered & Over-Milled – protein removed leaving disease-causing ‘refined carbs. 

**  Limit excesses: alcohol –  Pharma (a bridge only)-


**  DISCOVER THE ‘HIDDEN'(Removed by Over-Processing) PLANT Protein  & SEAFOOD (NOT FARMED & FED GMO)  PROTEIN …



New Science: Nutritional Psychiatry – Research on Depression & Mental Illness – 2017 Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn There are more & more other studies revolving around this topic that support this research.

Foods That Can Cause Depression Dee Hinkle on LinkedInFoods That Can Cause Depression By Kelly Brogan MD Teamhttps://kellybroganmd.com/5-foods-that-can-cancer.

VRAYLAR – They say:

VRAYLAR may cause Serious Side Effects, including:

Stroke (which can be fatal) in elderly people with dementia

Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS): Call your healthcare provider right away if you have high fever; stiff muscles; confusion; changes in pulse, heart rate, or blood pressure; or sweating. These can be symptoms of a rare but potentially fatal side effect called NMS. VRAYLAR should be stopped if you have NMS

Tardive dyskinesia (TD): Tell your healthcare provider if you cannot control the movements of your face, tongue, or other body parts. These could be signs of a serious and sometimes permanent side effect called TD. Risk of developing TD and the chance that it will become permanent are thought to increase the longer a person takes the medicine and the more medicine a person takes over time. TD can develop even after a person has been taking the medicine for a short time at low doses. TD may partially or completely go away if you stop taking VRAYLAR. TD may also start after you stop taking VRAYLAR

Late-occurring side effects: VRAYLAR stays in the body for several weeks, even after you stop taking it, which could affect the timing of when you may experience side effects. Tell your healthcare provider if you have side effects (eg, uncontrolled movements of the body and face, muscle stiffness, or feelings of restlessness) as these may occur several weeks after starting or increasing dose of VRAYLAR

Problems with your metabolism, such as:

(ALSO SYMPTOMS OF THE DISEASES of the CAFO-GMO Synthetic Food diet (Treatment of Mania-Depression 

High blood sugar and diabetes: If you have diabetes or risk factors for diabetes (eg, being overweight or family history of diabetes), your blood sugar should be tested before you start VRAYLAR and regularly during treatment. Complications of diabetes can be serious and even life-threatening. Tell your healthcare provider if you have symptoms such as feeling very thirsty or very hungry, urinating more than usual, or feeling weak

Increased blood cholesterol or triglycerides: Your healthcare provider should check your cholesterol and triglyceride levels before and during treatment

Weight gain: Weight gain has been reported with VRAYLAR. Your healthcare provider should check your weight before and regularly during treatment

Low white blood cell count: Low white blood cell counts have been reported with antipsychotic drugs, including VRAYLAR. This may increase your risk of infection. Very low white blood cell counts, which can be fatal, have been reported with other antipsychotics

Decreased blood pressure: You may feel lightheaded or faint when you rise too quickly from a sitting or lying position

Falls: VRAYLAR may increase risk of falls, which could cause fractures or other injuries


Impaired judgment, thinking, and motor skills: Do NOT drive or use dangerous machinery until you know how VRAYLAR affects you. VRAYLAR may make you drowsy

Increased body temperature: VRAYLAR may make you more sensitive to heat. You may have trouble cooling off. Be careful when exercising or when doing things likely to cause dehydration or make you warm

Difficulty swallowing: VRAYLAR and medicines like it have been associated with difficulty swallowing


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