Quora Asks: Will Exercise Help Reduce ‘Cholesterol’?

Quora Asks:

Will exercise help reduce ‘cholesterol’?

Only if CAFO -GMO is consumed instead of Non-GMO, Not Heat altered (causing disease -INFLAMMATION & CHOLESTEROL or Over-Milled (removing the Plant Protein)

The Nutritional Superiority of Pasture Raised Animals | HuffPost Life


May 29, 2010 – But sound science has emerged to demonstrate that eating meat, milk – eggs from pastured animals will provide your body &MIND!! with more HEALTHY BRAIN FRIENDLY ‘FATS’-enhancing, disease-fighting materials than industrial-grade CAFO-raised protein.

CAFO-GMO approach in our “Industrial Farming Era” where Animals are “Trucked to Market (Cortisol Factory) & Fed GMO (“Synthetic” grains) …

Also often, another form of “exploitation & cruelty” to animals…is Heat Altered (Pasteurizing dairy (ALZHEIMER’S PLAQUE) & roasting raw nuts & seeds-ALLERGY-CAUSING.

Vegans may be wise to exclude & avoid these disease & dysfunction causes of the modern SAD American Industrial Farming Methods…


Why exercise is effective at lowering cholesterol-More effective Pastured Natural foods.

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