Thoughts on Pharma, Protein Powders and Supplements-Thin Slice Mentality!

Thoughts on Pharma, Protein Powders and Supplements

This New (Modern) World – Moving Away from Center?

The current capitalistic (for profit) system is broken.

Are we making progress toward building a fairer world?

Flawed belief system – 

The Spokes that keep the Wheel of Dysfunction rolling:

Thin slice -‘me only’ Mentality of the Western Mind…

All or Nothing Thinking for Pharma, Supplements to ‘treat the symptoms,

Pharma & Supplementation work well as a ‘Bridge”

& often seem to work best in low doses & only until Live Macrobiotic Diet is reinstated.. 

While …

At the SAME TIME… 

TWEAK the ‘Modern Diet’ to ‘Let Food by Thy Medicine’…

Thoughts on  EXCESS  Pharma, Supplements 

(Including Protein Powder SUPPLEMENT) 

Most likely, they are often needed DAILY –

For example, getting too much vitamin A can cause headaches and liver damage, reduce bone strength, and cause birth defects. Excess iron causes nausea and vomiting and may damage the liver and other organs. Be cautious about taking dietary supplements if you are pregnant or nursing.

Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know

Getting Too Much of Vitamins And Minerals. … But routinely getting an overload of vitamins and minerals can hurt you. Too much vitamin C or zinc could cause nausea, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. Too much selenium could lead to hair loss, gastrointestinal upset, fatigue, and mild nerve damage.Apr 2, 2014

Taking Too Many Vitamins? Side Effects of Vitamin Overdosing

  • Vitamin A. Being fat-soluble, vitamin A is stored to a variable degree in the body, making it more likely to cause toxicity when taken in excess amounts. …
  • B Vitamins. Vitamin B-1 (thiamine) and vitamin B-2 (riboflavin) generally are nontoxic.
  • Vitamin C. …
  • Vitamin D. …
  • Vitamin E. …
  • Vitamin K. …
  • Folic acid.

Dec 26, 2017

Vitamin Toxicity: Practice Essentials, Pathophysiology and Etiology …

Thin Slice Mentality!

When a doctor is prescribing a folate, Niacinl etc – one of the B Complex- important component in Non-GMO Ancient (low gluten grains- for bread flour)…

my advice was to take it, but ALSO find the rest the missing vital nutrients in nonGMO, not altered (by heat or by milling) …

They up to 50% are removed in the processed that alter them..

What is missing are the  Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Vitamins, Mineral & FIBER that are NOT CONTAINED IN A SUPPLEMENT..

Targeting foods “rich in the needed supplement” –

& getting the bonus nutrients as well as more of what is missing..….

does that make sense…

Thin Slice Mentality!

Spread sheet does not have spell check…please report any typos…

Antipsychotic Drugs -to treat Mental Conditions (caused by CAFO – Industrial Farming 

Processes that ‘alter’ healthy oils & natural proteins…

(GMO, Heat altering & Over-Milling) …

Making Omega 3 brain food No-longer Bioavailable….

Side effects: ‘We don’t want to talk about them”…


Huffington Post: On Pharma-

Can antipsychotics make psychosis worse?

Even when necessary, doses are often too high and polypharmacy too common.

& Antipsychotics are neither all good, nor all bad. …

1) Bob believes that long term use of antipsychotics makes psychotic symptoms worse.Feb 1, 2016

Do Antipsychotics Help or Harm Psychotic Symptoms? | HuffPost

GOOGLE: Do Antipsychotics Help or Harm Psychotic Symptoms?

02/01/2016 01:19 pm ET Updated Feb 01, 2017

Reasons to ‘Not QUIT’ ‘COLD TURKEY”…


Working with your doctor…

Improve diet to Non-GMO Altered foods & reduce dosage slowly so symptoms of mental illness are controlled…

LIVE Macrobiotic DIET … 


This is the latest, and perhaps last, of several debates with Bob Whitaker on the role of antipsychotics in treating psychotic symptoms. 

It was triggered by a recent email exchange that clarified our areas of agreement and disagreement. Bob’s blog summarizing his views and how he arrived at them can be found here.

Vindication – rejected, refuted & poked fun at for wanting to ‘eat healthy”

New Science: Nutritional Psychiatry – Research on Depression & Mental Illness…2017 Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn There are more & more other studies revolving around this topic that support this research. THE NEW

Foods That Can Cause Depression Dee Hinkle on LinkedInFoods That Can Cause Depression By Kelly Brogan MD Team…

This debate was made before the SAD – CAFO were taken into consideration…



GOOGLE: How do typical antipsychotics work?

Generally speaking, antipsychotic medications work by blocking a specific subtype of the dopamine receptor, referred to as the D2 receptor. Older antipsychotics, known as conventional antipsychotics, block the D2 receptor and improve positive symptoms. … Like all medications, antipsychotics have side effects.

How Antidepressant and Antipsychotic Medications Work | Here to ……/how-antidepressant-and-antipsychotic-medications-wor...

GOOGLE: Do antipsychotics decrease dopamine? 


According to mainstream psychiatry basic research and psychopharmacology, stimulant and antipsychotic medications have opposing mechanisms of action. Stimulants are thought to work by increasing dopamine (DA) levels between neurons, and antipsychotics work by blocking their effects at dopamine receptors.

The Dopamine Dilemma – NCBI – NIH

Side effects of antipsychotics can include the following:

Stiffness and shakiness. …

Uncomfortable restlessness (akathisia).

Movements of the jaw, lips & tongue (tardive dyskinesia).

Sleepiness and slowness.-

Weight gain. & core collapse 

A higher risk of getting diabetes.

Sexual problems due to hormonal changes.


More items…

Side effects – Rethink Mental Illness, the mental health charity

Next up –

Thoughts on High Blood Pressure Medications 

A Physical Condition caused by Industrial Farming Processes that alter healthy oils & natural proteins (GMO, Heat altering & Over-Milling) …

Take apple cider vinegar. In addition to lowering blood pressure almost overnight, apple cider vinegar has a myriad of fringe benefits. Apple cider vinegar helps with indigestion, especially if you suffer from diarrhea. It also soothes sore throats, cures hiccups instantly, and lowers cholesterol.Dec 3, 2014

What Doctors Know: Lower your blood pressure naturally overnight ……/sns-201412020000–tms–premhnstr–k-g20141203-20141...

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