Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Seafood (Not FED with CAFO-GMO Franken-Grains!)

Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Seafood (Not FED with GMO Franken-Grains!)

By Health Fitness Revolution – June 4, 2015

Fish oil Supplements -BEST TO AVOID & EAT (NOT FARMED & Fed GMO) FISH!!

Have no “Seafood Protein” & Omega 3 is unstable-Quickly becomes “Body only food” Omega 6 INFLAMMATORY – ‘BODY FOOD’ ONLY!

Supplements have no Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Vitamins or Minerals..

Only a ‘THIN SLICE” of Nutrients required..

From saltwater and freshwater fish to deep water shellfish, seafood is a beloved delicacy.

Seafood is nutrient-rich, serves as a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and in the reduction of common diseases.

So as you embark on yet another crawfish boil or fish fry, know that the seafood you’re consuming will yield many benefits!

Here are HFR’s top 10 health benefits of eating seafood.

Provides essential nutrients – Though the specifics depend upon which type seafood you consume, seafood is known for being a natural source of vitamins and minerals. B-complex vitamins, vitamin D and vitamin B.

B-complex vitamins (vitamins such as B1, B3, biotin, B12, etc.) perform many different functions, influencing energy production, metabolism, hormone production & mental focus – concentration

& even beauty! Some types of fish, such as salmon (NOT FARMED & FED GMO),

are rich in vitamin A, which helps protect vision and boost the immune and reproductive system’s capabilities. Another vitamin found in some seafood – often the fatty skin of salmon, tuna and others – is vitamin D, which promotes healthy bone growth, calcium absorption, and boosts immune system efficiency as well as cell growth.

• Promotes heart health – While seafood is nutritious enough to be low in saturated fats and high in protein, its greatest health benefit lies in its abundant source of omega-3 fatty acids. While several studies have been conducted on the benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids, they are most notably known for their benefits in heart health. In fact, they can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular events from occurring, such as arrhythmias, strokes, and heart attacks. Though many prefer to acquire their omega-3 fatty acids with capsules, scientists prefer the actual consumption of actual seafood.

• Good for your joints – Eating seafood on a regular basis has been proven to ease the symptoms of arthritis. Research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids can ease tender joints and reduce morning stiffness in subjects with rheumatoid arthritis.

• Maintains eyesight – A 2014 study published in the Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science Journal suggests that those who consume omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood are less likely to suffer from age-related macular degeneration, a disease that can result in the loss of vision. Fish and shellfish can also boost your night vision. Eating oil-rich fish regularly can help to keep the eyes bright and healthy.

• Good skin – Eating seafood helps preserve moisture in the skin. Your skin’s natural glow is affected more from what you eat than what you apply directly to it. The omega-3 fatty acids in seafood protect the skin against UV rays from the sun and recent research has found limited findings suggesting fish oil can help reduce the prevalence of acne.

Boosts brainpower – Seafood omega-3s & SEAFOOD PROTEIN may lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. A sufficient intake (not Fish Oil) of DHA and EPA found in omega-3 fatty acids promote proper brain growth in infants and children & recent research speculates long-term consumption of omega-3 fatty acids (along with seafood protein)  can boost cognitive function as we age.

• Fights against depression – Recent research has shown an association between the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids and risk of depression and has found that consuming omega-3 fatty acids (and seafood protein)  can not only decrease the risk of depression but has the potential to treat depression as well. Consuming more seafood can help you have a better, more positive outlook on life.

New Science: Nutritional Psychiatry – Research on Depression & Mental Illness...2017 Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn There are more & more other studies revolving around this topic that support this research.

Foods That Can Cause Depression Dee Hinkle on LinkedInFoods That Can Cause Depression By Kelly Brogan MD Team

• Pregnancy benefits – Studies indicate that eating more fish has positive benefits on birth weight because it enhances fetal growth and development. ..Particularly CNS fetal development…Seafood consumption also aids in reducing preterm delivery and is essential for central nervous system development. Furthermore,

• Improves immune function – Increased omega-3 consumption can reduce the symptoms of asthma and certain allergies. Selenium is a potent antioxidant found in seafood that is known to improve the immune system.

• Many choices –

Who doesn’t like having options, right?

There is a great variety of seafood (NOT FARMED) to choose from, and while one of the greatest deterrents to seafood is “that sea taste” there are many different healthy ways to prepare your meal to help get rid of that fishy feeling.

** Oysters (Raw or Canned) RINSE PACKING OFF  (at least 3 times) to remove …

all of the “motor-like” oil & DEAD BACTERIA DESTROYED IN THE CANNING PROCESS! Refresh seasoning with lemon juice or EV olive oil …

Oysters are a staple in many hormone productions – testosterone, etc boosting foods lists on the internet. The reason being – They are loaded with zinc, magnesium, selenium, copper & vitamin D. – All of which are crucial for testosterone & other hormone production.

Oysters (Fresh or canned) also contain high-quality SEAFOOD protein,

Including some of the more rare amino acids …(like the possible testosterone boosting D-aspartic acid).

The legend says that the 18th-century ladies man – Casanova – ate 50 oysters for breakfast. You know, maybe he was on to something.

Help Create Awareness!

To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions –


Start with ‘Banning GMO’ –

To ‘cut off the OXYGEN’ that feeds CAFO & allow Mankind(& our Food Supply) to BREATH AIR & not CAFO Carbon Dioxide emissions!

Ban….‘Dirty’ Heat-Altered Raw Modern Disease-Causing Dairy

& ’Dirty ’ ROASTED nuts & seeds –

3 strikes against Modern Dairy CAFO Farming practices…

** Most Egregious – Fed to animals – GMO (Corn, Soy or Alfalfa)

** Raw dairy (with LIVE beneficial bacteria) destroyed by pasteurization,

Leaving (Dead) bacteria only use to be stored in fat cells..

** Cortisol soaked milk (& muscle meat from CAFO ‘unethical’ farming practices


‘Soaked’ Raw Nuts & Seeds &‘Sprouted’Non-GMO Ancient Grains (Non-GMO)  …

Remove the Roasting ovens that destroy Omega 3



Over-Milling removes the ‘LIFE’  (Plant Protein & Fiber) – 

ALLOWING the Miller’s to take more of the ‘Prescribed Amount’ of Plant Protein…LEAVING MOSTLY ‘DISEASE CAUSING-Refined Carbs’

This is not ‘Rocket Science’

Only Science !



Start with ‘Banning GMO’ –

To ‘cut off the OXYGEN’ that feeds CAFO

& allow Mankind(& our Food Supply) to BREATH AIR

& not CAFO Carbon Dioxide emissions!

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