CAFO waste! Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation-Over 168 Gases are Emitted-Major Cause of ‘Global Warming’-Ban GMO & CAFOs Go Away

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation…Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation –

Over 168 gases are emitted from CAFO waste! Ban GMO & They Go Away!

CAFO – What does CAFO stand for? The Free Dictionary

Over 168 gases are emitted from CAFO waste, including hazardous chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methane.

Airborne particulate matter is found near CAFOs and can carry disease-causing bacteria, fungus, or other pathogens.

Why are CAFOs bad? | Sierra Club

Greenhouse gases cause the greenhouse effect. The primary greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone.

Greenhouse gas – Wikipedia

GMO – NOT SAVE : (Multiplies seeds to ‘Fed the World’

However, (in the fine print)   – Scientist know this)?

Maybe not the chemical scientist? 

The Vital Glutens & Lectins remain until RAIN…

Soaking (or sprouting) with a medium to release mineral 

& ‘retard the growth of microbes’ in the soaking process…

(Non-GMO apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, Non-CAFO whey)…

LIKE A Daily Bath for us…Soaking makes ‘CLEAN’ Daily Bread,

Ancient Grains, Beans Raw Nuts & Seeds.

ROASTED, UNSOAKED Peanuts tend to mold causing  TOXIC allergies

& denies a valuable source of mind building Plant Protein.

Roasted or Ground – ‘UNCLEAN’ Plant Protein – 

The no longer adaptions “needed for survival” become DEAD & Disease  & ALLERGY Causing…

CAFO  caters to the Ancient primitive ‘TASTE-ONLY’ FILTERING TOOL for FOOD CHOICES…

An upgrade NEEDED?? – The Science Behind!

It is ‘not unlike’ GOING TO WORK WITHOUT A BATH!  & only using a deodorant that RETAINS the TOXINS that sweat WAS DESIGNED TO REMOVE…


Help Create Awareness OF CAFO Contribution to Greenhouse Gasses

The End to Senseless Loss of Lives – END to GMO & SAVE US ALL & Donuts & Return to Sanity!  THE WALL TO BE TAKEN DOWN-GMO!!

Dee Wagner-Hinkle

HT Wagner @ Twitter

Dee Hinkle @ LinkedIn (Plant Protein)

Website:… (under construction)…

JenCare BCE …Reversal & Prevention Memory Loss…& Disease & Dysfunction

Caused by SAD (Dead Foods) Diet….

Dee Hinkle at LinkedIn / (Plant Protein) (My story)

Are We, as a Global Village-Due for Another Paradigm Shift (when one PARADIGM THEORY is REPLACED BY ANOTHER)?

Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn Publish date February 24, 2019

Just to Be Clear! Sprouting & Soaking- Making ‘CLEAN’ FOOD-BUT-Over Milling -4 Grams Not Enough! UNCLEAN-Not Ethical!…

Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn Publish date February 23, 2019

Sprouting & Soaking -Making ‘CLEAN’ FOOD -From DIRTY’ GMO & Heat-Altered & However-Over-Milled – 4 Grams Not Enough! Not Ethical!!

Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn Publish date February 22, 2019

WHOLE 9 Diet – Works only with Un-Altered & Non-GMO Natural Foods!

Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn Publish date February 19, 2019

Creation Corrections: (God allows)-Modern ‘Over-Milling’ -(CAFO)Meat & Diary Cartel & Big Pharma Inspired??

Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn Publish date February 19, 2019

Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn Modern Millers Leave 2-4 Grams Protein & OMIT SOAKING… UNETHICAL! Politicians Take Note! Publish date February 1, 2019

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