Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Let go of ‘High School’ mentality-

Drink alcohol to “get wiped out’…

ALCOHOL is a ‘Solvent’ & will dissolve neural tissue !!

Low alcohol – Less than 4 % ABV

High Hops – More than 100

AB only has 27 …

Health Benefits of Hops

Hops are the flower of the hop plant (Humulus lupulus) used to make beer! THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE-


Alternative practitioners believe that these compounds have anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, analgesic (pain-relieving), and even anti-cancer properties.

Hops: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, and Interactions – Verywell Health https://lnkd.in/gpkHqSi Create Awareness! To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions-Shut down CAFO INDUSTRIAL FARM ‘MALPRACTICE’!

Start with ‘Banning GMO’

To ‘cut off the OXYGEN’ that feeds CAFO

& allow Mankind(& our Food Supply) to BREATH AIR

& not CAFO Carbon Dioxide emissions!

Ban-‘Dirty’ Heat-Altered Raw Modern Disease-Causing Dairy

& ’Dirty ’ ROASTED nuts & seeds – 3 strikes against Modern Dairy CAFO Farming practices-*Most Egregious)-Fed to animals – GMO (Corn, Soy or Alfalfa)*Raw dairy with LIVE-beneficial bacteria) destroyed by pasteurization-

Health Benefits of Hops

Help Create Awareness!
The End to Senseless Loss of Lives – END to GMO & SAVE US ALL & Donuts & Return to Sanity!…THE WALL TO BE TAKEN DOWN-GMO

Dee Wagner-Hinkle
HT Wagner @ Twitter
Dee Hinkle @ LinkedIn (Plant Protein)
Website: https://www.jencarebce.com… (under construction)…
JenCare BCE …Reversal & Prevention Memory Loss…& Disease & Dysfunction
Caused by SAD (Dead Foods) Diet….
Dee Hinkle at LinkedIn / (Plant Protein)
https://wordpress.com/post/facebookcomdeehinkle2.wordpress.com/24 (My story)
Dee Wagner-Hinkle
Great Minds…Discuss Ideas!
Average Minds…Discuss Events!
Small Minds…Discuss People!
Smaller Minds…Gossip…

“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are”…
Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote, in Physiologie du Gout, ou Meditations de Gastronomie Transcendante, 1826: “Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es.”

We are what we believe we are.
C. S. Lewis

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