The Protein Myth The ‘Forgotten Protein’ PLANT PROTEIN – Non-GMO!

The Protein Myth
& “HIDDEN” GMO Grains, Fruits & Vegetables…

Organic Label is NOT TO BE TRUSTED…

1. MODERN Corn. (MODERN, Wheat & Modern Soy ALFALFA (fed to animals)..

One of the most prominent GMO foods, avoiding corn is a no-brainer.
If you’ve watched any food documentary, you know corn is highly modified.
“As many as half of all U.S. farms growing corn for Monsanto are using genetically modified corn” & much of it is intended for human consumption.
Monsanto’s GMO corn has been tied to numerous health issues, including weight gain and organ disruption.

2. MODERN SOY & Modern (Over-Milled)  WHEAT GMO concentrates the Gluten to a level that the body cannot handle…INFALMMATORY!

SOY IS Found in tofu, vegetarian products, soybean oil, soy flour, and numerous other products, soy is also modified to resist herbicides.
As of now, biotech giant Monsanto still has a tight grasp on the “soybean market”, with approximately 90% of soy is “genetically engineered” to resist Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup.
In one single year, 2006…
There was 96.7 million pounds of glyphosate “sprayed on soybeans alone”.

3. Sugar
According to NaturalNews, genetically-modified sugar beets were introduced to the U.S. market in 2009.
Like others, they’ve been modified by Monsanto to resist herbicides.
Monsanto has even had USDA and court-related issues with the planting of its sugarbeets, being ordered to remove seeds from the soil due to illegal approval.

4. Aspartame
Aspartame is a toxic additive used in numerous food products and should be avoided for numerous reasons, including the fact that it is created with genetically modified bacteria.

5. Papayas
This one may come as a surprise to all of you tropical-fruit lovers. GMO papayas have been grown in Hawaii for consumption since 1999. Though they can’t be sold to countries in the European Union, they are welcome with open arms in the U.S. and Canada.

6. Canola
One of the most chemically altered foods in the U.S. diet, canola oil is obtained from rapeseed through a series of chemical actions.

7. Cotton
Found in cotton oil, cotton originating in India and China, in particular, has serious risks.

** Industrial Farm Stressed…Inhumane producing Cortisol in Milk..
** Pasteurized (loads of Dead Bacteria
**& now Fed GMO (alfalfa)

Your dairy products may contain growth hormone since
as many as one-fifth of all dairy cows in America are pumped with these hormones.

In fact, Monsanto’s health-hazardous rBGH has been banned in 27 countries…
but is still used in most US cows…

The MYTH of …”no hormones – no antibiotics ” …
Pales to these internally produced Free Radials (toxins)…

9. and 10. Zucchini and Yellow Squash
Closely related, these two squash varieties are modified to resist viruses.
The dangers of some of these foods are well-known.
The Bt toxin being used in GMO corn, for example, was recently detected in the blood of pregnant women and their babies.
But perhaps more frightening are the risks that are still unknown.
Even while these foods should be on your GMO foods list so that they are avoided, you can buy 100% organic to be safest.
With “very little regulation and safety tests,”
performed by the companies doing the genetic modifications themselves, we have no way of knowing for certain what risks these lab-created foods pose to us outside of what we already know.
The best advice: steer clear of them altogether.

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The Building Blocks of Life

In the past, some people believed one could “never get too much protein”.
In the early 1900s,
Americans were told to eat well over 100 grams of protein a day.
And as recently as the 1950s,
health-conscious people were encouraged to “boost their protein intake”.

The Trouble with Too Much Protein ….

Today, With the advent of
“Genetic Modification” …(Producing Abnormally high levels of
(Natural part of plants) –
But in EXCESS are not useful…DISEASE CAUSING


The Processes of “Industrial Farming” that make NATURAL FOODS…SYNTHETIC!


(only Non-GMO to prevent high levels of GLUTEN (a naturally occurring vital nutrient in Nature…


** Fruits & Vegetables
(only… Non-GMO to prevent high levels of LECTINS …
(a naturally occurring vital nutrient in nature…

Such a Plant-Based Protein diet reduces the “excess” levels of nitrogen and can also help prevent kidney disease…

**Cancer: Although fat is the dietary substance most often singled out for increasing cancer risk, protein also plays a role.

(GMO Amplifies the danger of high fat & high protein!)

Populations who eat meat (especially GMO Fed, stressed to market (Cortisol in muscles) …Eaten regularly are at increased risk for colon cancer& researchers believe that the GMO stored in fat & protein muscle meat…
in addition to natural carcinogens



ALL play roles.

Now GMO, Heat Altering (Pasteurizing & Roasting) increases the risk for Cancer…

The 1997 report of the World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer Research, Food, Nutrition
& the Prevention of Cancer noted that meaty, high-protein (GMO FED ANIMALS) diets were linked with some types of cancer.
Osteoporosis and Kidney Stones:

Diets that are rich in INDUSTRIAL FARM PROCESSES…
animal (FED GMO) protein cause people to excrete more calcium than normal through their kidneys and increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Non-GMO Countries with lower-protein diets have lower rates of osteoporosis and hip fractures.

Increased calcium excretion increases the risk for kidney stones.
Researchers in England found that when people added about 5 ounces of NOT FARMED (GMO FED) fish (about 34 grams of protein) to a normal diet, the risk of forming urinary tract stones increased by as much as 250 percent.

For a long time, it was thought that athletes needed much more protein than other people.

The truth is that athletes, even those who strength-train,
need only “slightly more” protein, which is easily obtained in the “larger servings” that athletes require for their higher caloric intake.

PLANT PROTEIN …Vegetarian diets are great for athletes.
Non-GMO Plant Protein (cereal & Ancient Grains (non-GMO)

Support the CNS…
Nerves are needed for EVERY MUSCLE TO GROW “NEW” & “MAINTAIN-REPAIR”. ..

To consume a diet that contains enough ,
but “NOT TOO MUCH”not too much…(NonGMO) fed protein,
simply replace animal products with Ancient Non-GMO grains, Non-GMO vegetables, legumes (peas, beans, and lentils) & Non-GMO fruits.
As long as one is eating a variety of plant foods in sufficient quantity to maintain one’s weight, the body gets plenty of protein. …
Meat … “Stressed to Market” (Cortisol Factory) & Now Alfalfa is not GMO …
& Growing Bacteria in the Meat & Dairy Cases…

Only “to create more DEAD BACTERIA-FREE RADICALS”… after cooking it!!

& Pasteurized Dairy… Fed GMO, PASTEURIZED …
THAT MUST EXPEND energy to dispose of the
No longer bioavailable DEAD MATTER…

The average American diet contains Meat and Dairy products.

As a result, Animal Protein…
Industrial Farmed Franken-Protein…..
**Meat & Pasteurized Dairy …Are too high & become

Disease & Allergy causing FREE RADICALS…

Excess GMO & Heat Altered (Pasteurization & Roasting) …
Animal protein has been linked with osteoporosis, kidney disease, calcium stones in the urinary tract & some cancers…

In addition to the Alterations …
(Heat & Milling)…


Some diet books encouraged … in past…
High-“Animal” protein intake for weight loss…
although Americans already consume…
twice the amount of protein they need already.
And while individuals following such a diet have sometimes had Short-Term success in losing weight,
they are often unaware of the health risks associated with a high-protein diet.

People build muscle and other body proteins from amino acids, which come from the proteins they eat.
A varied diet of Non-GMO…beans, lentils, grains & vegetables contains all of the essential amino acids.

It was once thought that various plant foods had to be eaten together to get their full protein value, but current research suggests this is not the case.

Many nutrition authorities, including the American Dietetic Association….
Believe protein needs can easily be met by consuming a variety of Plant Protein sources over an entire day.
To get the best benefit from the protein you consume, it is important to eat enough calories to meet your energy needs.

This can lead to a number of serious health problems:

** Kidney Disease: When people eat “too much protein”, more nitrogen is taken in than needed.
This places a “strain” on the kidneys, which must expel the extra nitrogen through urine.
People with kidney disease are encouraged to eat NON-CAFO-GMO & SEAFOOD (NOT FARMED & FED GMO)

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