Are You or Loved Ones Suffering from “Insecure Attachment”?

Are you or loved ones suffering from
“insecure attachment”
& possibly…unresolved grief … PTSD…

These are the symptoms…

Symptoms of Anxious Ambivalent Insecure attachment (adult behavior)…

Ambivalent Adults. Preoccupied Style…

This pretty well describes insecurely attached Minds….

A traumatic childhood or​ being left alone on to play with toys
or watch “Baby Einstein”

….instead of developing the Resonance circuits of the brain
….that would allow development of “secure attachment”…
“So VITAL” to adult relationships…


These individuals have a preoccupied state of mind with respect to attachment.

They have over-detailed stories and continue to re-experience past hurts and rejections in a manner suggesting a lack of resolution.

These adults had parents who likely alternated between warmth
& availability & coldness and rejection for no apparent reason.

Ambivalent adults are bossy and controlling and do not like rules and authority.
** They tend to be impatient, critical and argumentative.
** They like to “stir the pot”… “scan the environment” to find fault *
often sabotage getting what they want.
** They also can be creative, exciting, adventuresome, and charming.

Secure Adults

Securely attached adults were raised in a consistent, reliable, and caring way. They learned early that the world is a safe and accessible place and others are viewed as dependable and supportive.
They feel able to love & they feel lovable.
They are compassionate and responsive to others.
They are flexible thinkers and able to explore options and ask for advice.
They are accepting of differences and trusting in love.

Attachment injuries can occur when needs for comfort, closeness * security

HT Wagner-Hinkle
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Memory Loss
& Disease & Dysfunction
Caused by SAD Diet….

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We are what we believe we are.
C. S. Lewis

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