Gluten Free…Whole Grain Snicker Doodle Cookies

Gluten Free…Whole Grain
Snicker Doodle Cookies
375* for 9 -10 minutes
How to change an milled, refined flour DESSERT
into a Plant Protein ENTREE…
Dry Mix..MIX together…
2 ¾ c. Gluten Free flour ..
(Non-GMO-whole grain…Spelt, Amaranth, Oat, Almond meal, Brown rice, SunFlour, etc)…
1/2 cup chia seeds…whole flax seeds (or mix)…
1 tsp. Baking soda
2 Tbsp. Cream of Tartar
1/2 tsp Sea Salt
Options…1/4 tsp. nutmeg
Add… 1 ½ c. unrefined raw cane sugar…
1 c. coconut oil or ½ butter)
2 eggs and blend
Add to above dry mixture…
Chill 3 to 4 hours….Roll into balls the size of walnuts…
Roll in a cinnamon or (nutmeg & all spice mix) & raw sugar mixture.

Anti-inflammatory spices can be added to sugar mix…
Turmeric – slight taste & pleasant burnt orange color
To reduce swelling or others spices…be creative!

Joshua 24:15
“And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the LORD, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

REMEMBER…Whole grain foods, including cookies, to serve our Lord & think more compassionately…

It was a miracle, He could have chosen Big Mac, French Fries & soda (empty)… He seemed to be intentionally choosing Five Whole grain barley loaves
(Give us this day our DAILY WHOLE GRAIN BREAD…
& 2 fishes …(Omega 3 prefrontal supplies).

Processed (refined) …MILLED (Especially GMO Franken-Wheat)…
& fast foods are striped of 50% of the plant protein (germ & bran)…
Leaving “refined carbs” very concentrated (obesity)
& PRODUCE No longer bioavailable Free Radicals…
50% Prefrontal building materials…SAD diet riddled with GMO Franken Wheat &… Milled (refined) or “Heat-altered”…. Pasteurized & Roasted…
“Formerly”…WHOLE, LIVE Foods….That were bioavailable in their “unaltered state” & now for the sake of the shelf life…
More profit… GREED…at its richest…
Now “DEAD” & Not recognizable to be digested properly…
They become“free radicals” instead of usable nourishment
& “a storage dilemma”…

Nutmeg keeps the brain sharp!

Protects Your Brain…
It contains natural organic compounds called myristicin and macelignan,
which is known to shield your brain against degenerative disease
Such as Alzheimer’s.

Eases Swelling and Pain
The essential oil of nutmeg brings relief from muscular and joint pain. Apply it to a localized area of swelling and discomfort, and feel the pain melt away.

Boosts Circulation…
In holistic medicine, nutmeg is often prescribed to rev up blood circulation because of the high potassium content.

Traditional healers believe it also strengthens the liver.

Helps Induce Sleep
When I was a child, my grandmother would give me a glass of almond milk (non dairy) with a pinch of powdered nutmeg in it before bed.
It can also be mixed with ghee and rubbed around the temples at bedtime to enhance deep sleep and calm the mind…

Rich in Minerals…
A pinch of nutmeg adds aroma and enhances the taste of your food.
It also gives you trace minerals that keep the immune system strong.
Potassium, calcium, iron & manganese are among key minerals found in nutmeg.

Brightens Skin
Just a little nutmeg, ground and mixed with water or honey into a paste, can make skin look clearer and brighter within a few days, reducing scars and alleviating acne. You can also add nutmeg to your face scrub for the same benefits.

Helps Digestion
For centuries, nutmeg has been used as a medicinal spice that brings relief from digestive problems. St Hildegard middle ages
So grate a little nutmeg into your soups and stews for a boost of flavor and a healthy gut!

Natural Toothpaste
The star spice in dental care has traditionally been clove. But few might know that nutmeg too has proven antibacterial properties that protect the teeth and gums. Nutmeg oil has eugenol, which brings relief from toothache. That’s why you often find it listed among the ingredients of toothpaste. Combined with cinnamon, it makes a powerful antiseptic, antimicrobial paste.

I Repeat….Protects Your Brain
A note of caution: It is almost impossible to overuse nutmeg, because all you need is a pinch of it to reap its taste and nutrition benefits. Even so, I must state that overuse of nutmeg is known to cause palpitations, sweating, hallucination and other discomforts, so do use this wonder spice in moderation….
Daily use in oatmeal or cookies with spelt, barley, almond, SunFlour flours……
(“all purpose-less-taste-less” GMO WHEAT flour…only 2 grams…of plant protein…
(50% less)…All “Whole Grains” have while 4 or more grams of Plant Protein

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4 Spices for Your Brain

Here are some of the health benefits that nutmeg provides. Brain Tonic. During ancient times, Roman and Greek civilizations used nutmeg as a type of brain tonic. Pain Relief. Nutmeg is also an effective sedative. Indigestion Relief. Bad Breath Treatment. Liver and Kidney Detox. Skin Care. Sleep Aid.

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