Saturday, July 1, 2017….12:10 PM Food altered for more shelf life & more profit… Greed & DECEIT… Creates more “Repeat Business” for Western Medicine Western Psychology & Western Spirituality… (Dogma-“the Law”)… Raw milk … WITHOUT pasteurization… Will easily keep about 2 weeks refrigerated… Then it ONLY turns to buttermilk or sour cream…. So why are we consuming all of that DEAD bacteria ? No longer bioavailable … Lifeless “dead matter” Requires Creative Storage… In Skin.…(allergies)… Lungs (asthma)… Joints…(arthritis) & Brain (memory problems…Alzheimer’s’… Ben & Jerry… Ted Drews …the Ice Cream Truck….sweet dysfunction MAKERS…POVERTY MAKERS ALL…. Who would have thought Ice Cream is really filled with FILTH of dead bacteria?? Just another reason shelf live creates more profit… Repeat customers for Western Medicine.. Not to extend a healthy retirement for our lives, but to “line the coffers” of the vendors & practitioners of Western Mentality… GMO & Milling (processing) whole grains that are GMO… Removes up to 50% of the Prefrontal Brain (the thinking brain) food … Doubling profits by destabilizing the Germ… Increasing Shelf life & behavioral dysfunction…. ADDHD….Lack of Impulse Control & diminished creativity…organizational skills… The ability to design & perform other Executive Function of Prefrontal Brain… It extends shelf life (more profits) ….Not our lives Or our ability to make compassionate decisions & allows Animal Behavior to Dominate Our Thinking… (Amplified by Excess Alcohol & Excess meat (Animal Protein)…… Located on top of the “ancient prehistoric animal brain”… Executive function refers to a set of “mental skills” That are coordinated in the brain’s Prefrontal lobe. Executive Functions work together to help a person achieve goals. Executive Function includes the ability to: Manage time and attention IMPULSE CONTROL Switch focus Plan and organize Remember details Curb inappropriate speech or behavior (impulse control) Integrate past experience with present action… Creativity When Executive Function breaks down …. (due to poor nourishment of ALTERED GMO…MILLED…whole grain (whole oats, brown rice, quinoa, chia & FISH (Seafood protein)… Behavior becomes poorly controlled. This UNALTERED food is not available at the Fast Food window or the “Quick Stop.” ALTERED GRAINS (GMO… MILLED-PROCESSED OR PASTEURIZED DAIRY)… This can affect a person’s ability to: work or go to school (avoid ADDHD) Function independently or even THINK OF “What to cook”! Or how to maintain appropriate social relationships… This is why the Hunters/Gathers of old could not design tall buildings or fly jet planes. Types of Executive Function can be divided into two categories: Organization & Regulation… Organization involves gathering information & structuring it for evaluation. Regulation involves taking stock of the environment & changing behavior in response to it. Sugary carbs HIDDEN in & found in “all purpose-less” flour, pizza dough, bagels & conventional breads, not only donuts, muffins, cakes, cookies) “All purpose-less” flour products & any “refined” products have 50% less prefrontal brain nutrients & THAT VOID IF FILLED….Double the Calories…OBESITY…DIABETES…lack of Impulse Control.. The best approach for overall health & nutrition is a diet that limits sugary ALTERED BY MILLING & GMO GRAINS & PASTEURIZATION of Dairy…Replaced with whole “UNALTERED ” foods & is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains (NOT GMO), RAW DAIRY and healthy (UNHEATED OR ROASTED) fats such as omega-3 fatty acids found in certain types of fish, flaxseed and other foods.

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