Dangers of Negative Thinking…Live As If You Never Have to Say…”I’m Sorry”…

Remember: You are creating your world as you think…
Choose to allow positive thoughts to dominate your mind.

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Our brains are fantastic and capable of a lot of things.
In fact every single human is capable of great things.
Quite often the only thing that limits their actions is their beliefs. It’s quite often the case that we all come up with a truly fantastic idea.
Instead of developing the idea further we just start thinking that it will never work.

Negative thinking can cause damage to your whole body which is why it’s so essential that you make sure you stop it.

The mind has the power to make things real.
(This is creation)
If someone is always depressed or thinks down about themselves then this is likely to cause damage to your health.
Happy people rarely get ill, but depressed and unhappy people are much more at risk.

To stop these negative thoughts there are actually quite a few different things that you can do:

Body Health
IT IS IMPORTANT to realize that your state of mind & body are very closely linked.
You must start improving the health of your body by taking care of it.
Make sure that you eat a healthy of Mostly Plant Protein (whole grain (not any GMO WHEAT & Omega 3 foods….FISH & SEAFOOD…
PLUS A balanced diets full of lots of vegetables and fruit.

If your body feels healthy then it should be much easier to feel good about yourself which will make it easier to stop these negative thoughts.
Don’t let yourself get angry….MODERATE ANIMAL PROTEIN..
Bonnie Bezzhold’s study at Benedictine University showed that meat of an kind…(Grass fed is still a protein)…& causes aggression …
It is mainly for athletes…not computer disk jockeys & a sedentary lifestyle.
Sometimes people will quite often make you angry because they do something you don’t like.
This isn’t a good state of mind and can make you start to get angry about yourself.
One of the best ways to deal with anger is first to do what you normally do, PAUSE….clench your fists or simply start feeling the angry sensation.
Once you do this make a conscious decision to relax and forget what they are doing….STOP & remember what animal protein or fast & processed foods you have been eating in the past few days…
Make sure you realize that it’s not your mission to punish the person. Just LET GO OF THE ANGRY THOUGHT go….& FOCUS ON EATING “Barley Loaves (whole grains…not any GMO wheat & Fishes….(seafoods & Omega 3 foods…Dark Chocolate helps to lift negative moods…


Quite often people will get stuck thinking about certain negative thoughts.
They may find themselves thinking about these thoughts all day.
BREAJ THE CYCLE… Learn TO stop yourself & CHOOSE…SWITH to a positive experience or read Scriptures or an uplifting motivational book..
and your mood will immediately lift….ascend to the Prefrontal Brain OF JOY & COMPASSION..


The best way to improve your life & to limit the impact of negative thoughts on your health is to set goals for your life…

These will help you to have a clear focus in your life which should make it much easier to know what you are doing.
By knowing what you need to do you WILL MOTIVATE YOU to achieve GREATNESS.
Negative thoughts cause a lot of damage to your MENTAL & PHYSICAL health MAKE AN INTENTION TO Learn how you can stop it.


06/02/2011 08:27 am ET | Updated Aug 02, 2011

Walter E. Jacobson, M.D.
Psychiatrist, Speaker and Author,
‘Forgive to Win!’ 

It dampens our enthusiasm and motivation…KEEPS US IN HATE.

It contributes to indecision, inertia, procrastination & outright derailment of our goal-directed actions.
It defeats us.
It beats us.
It creates the “bad luck” that we will later FEAR….
We are our own worst enemy when we indulge our negative thinking & tell ourselves…
“It’s not going to work out… I’m unlucky…
Something will go wrong…
Such and such will happen
& I’m just going to be more miserable, so why bother?”
There are SO MANY WAYS of negative messages that discourage us from being proactive and CREATING A POSITIVE EXISTENCE IN LIFE…
Stop NOW playing this losing hand…
& stop giving these negative messages any power….

A major problem in this regard is that… we’re so used to our negative thinking that we aren’t even aware when we’re doing it.
MAKE IT A POINT to listen closely to the CONTENT of our thoughts.
LISTEN TO THEM & hear our words as we speak them…
WITH a FINELY TUNED BAROMETER TO trap “incoming” negative thoughts..

When we recognize the negative thoughts and words…
Stop them & counter them with a predetermined positive & optimistic thought …BASED ON TRUTH…NOT FEAR…OR PRESUMPTION…

KEEP TRYING..just because things haven’t worked out in the past doesn’t mean they never will.

IT IS optimism THAT propelS us forward TO A BRIGHT FUTURE…

On an SUBCONSCIOUS level….our negativity is a defense mechanism…LEFT OVER FROM ANCIENT ANIMAL ANCESTORS…A protective device such that if TO PREVENT being blindsided and devastated by it.
By anticipating failure…we create our reality…Doom…

Not a good plan.

The negativity of anticipated bad luck and failure actually HELPS TO CREATE THEM…by holding us back…regretting…hesitating to take positive action.

It blocks the flow of positive energy and directs the Law of Attraction to attract negative consequences rather than positive outcomes.
It reinforces our fear and insecurity, and it diminishes our confidence and faith in ourselves and our objectives.
Negative thinking is a form of “self-abuse”…
Then we do not take risks & we tend not to go the distance in to achieve…Shame and humiliation follow & is simply self-punishment..

Rather than anticipating failure…anticipate success…dream & image a positive future…
When we fail..we can more easily pick ourselves up.. brush ourselves off & continue toward our goals…

Bottom line: we must be VIGILANT monitoring our thoughts…
Learn to recognize negative thoughts…PAUSE…stop them & be confident & enthusiastic… regardless of adversity place one TRUE thought in the FOREFRONT of our consciousness.
Win, lose or draw…
It’s much better to play the game than WATCH FROM THE SIDELINES…
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